«I get along well with the wheelchair, she is my sister»

Maria Jimenez almost two decades later she has returned to the recording studio, the place where she feels “the happiest woman in the world.” At 70 years old, she remains faithful to herself, to her voice, to her heartbreak, to her impudence and to that African hatred that, with almost religious fervor, she professes for her late ex-husband. The Sevillian launches the album ‘Life my way’. “I’m not the one who sing it best, but I’m the one who tells it best,” she proclaims.

– Like they compare her with Chavela Vargas.

– Oh no. I don’t want to look like that lady, who was ‘too’ ugly. I’d rather be like Bambino but with boobs. They also compare me a lot to Édith Piaf. I have dragged a lot of life. But I have pulled forward with force.

– «What I lost I already cried», he says in a song. Is that so?

– No. In that the heart is still open. I keep crying many hours a day, but inward. I mourn the loss of my daughter. Nothing else.

– Not lost love?

– To the lost love what you have to do is bury it.

– How many times has he risen?

– I think it’s just this. But hey, if you mean getting out of tough situations, I’ve been resurrected more than twenty times.

– Now you feel immortal?

– That is foolish or crazy. I feel more like living. I asked the doctor: How long have I been asleep? He replied: three months. And I said: well, the dream tonight I don’t know if I’m going to catch it, heh, heh …

– And how do you cope with loneliness?

– Accompanying her. Loneliness always goes with me. I’ve been alone my whole life.

– Well, she was married for many years.

– Yes, but alone. As simple as that. Shared loneliness is the worst there is. And I have felt that all my life. Many years ago I made friends with my loneliness.

– In the song ‘Marioneta’ he says that he went on stage with a dead soul …

– Many, many times, daughter. In the time of marriage precisely. And that lasted 22 years.

– With your temperament, what stopped you from reacting?

– The cries of the opposite. In other words, manipulation.

– Come on, if he were born again, he would not remarry Pepe Sancho.

– Of course not. I’d fumigate it, fumigate it, and fumigate it! As is done with mosquitoes.

– Do you have to have broken inside to sing well?

– Since I was a girl I sing with a very special feeling. But it is that hunger had already broken me.

– Do you have to get drunk many nights to sing well?

– Also also. There has been a bit of everything.

– And now he gets along with the wheelchair or does he curse it?

– I get along very well. The chair is a sister that I need, how can I curse it?

– Does this time of restrictions overwhelm you?

– I locked myself in before they locked us up and I’m calm. I have a very spacious house.

– Will you get the vaccine when it is available?

– I do not! They don’t put a bug in my body when I am healthy. When a lot of people put it on and I see that they keep on going, then maybe I will cheer up. But let’s see who gets the first in the queue … Let the ministers stand up!


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