“I guess it’s because I trained to take a lot of stupid shots when I was a kid”

The Clippers find their way back to victory after two complicated performances in Memphis and New Orleans. They managed their case well against the Dallas Mavericks by making the difference in the second half under the impetus of a duo Paul George (29 points at 12/25 including 3/8 from far, 4 rebounds and 6 assists) – Reggie Jackson (23 points at 8/14 including 4/8 from far) untenable. They allowed theirs to take control, but especially to resist the onslaught of the Texans in the last quarter.

“We haven’t put in a lot of shots that we usually do, but we made the effort to play well,” said Tyronn Read. “It doesn’t matter what the outcome is when you play well, you’re happy. We played the right way tonight, the ball moved, made the right deed, the right pass, then at the end of the game Reggie and PG were able to carry us. “

Reggie Jackson folded the game on a very difficult layup

“Everyone was hyped,” says Reggie Jackson. “I found myself in a difficult situation. I was fortunate enough to take Tim Hardaway from the back and I don’t think anyone in the league is going to leave Paul open. So I drifted in his direction, I knew I had an open Eurostep because I knew they weren’t going to leave it. I was looking to pass Terance (Mann), but Kristaps did a really good job, he stayed between the two of us, so I kept attacking the circle. I was really trying to go up to the circle, to have a chance to score. I was lucky enough that it fit, and I guess that’s because I used to practice taking a lot of stupid shots as a kid. Long arms, God’s grace and a lot of trust from my teammates, I think those were the ingredients that made it come home.

The rear is having a good season, even if with him it’s always a bit all or nothing, and it is never possible to know which face he will show, like his 4 points to 2/11 face to the Pelicans in the previous match. He still turns 17.5 points at only 39.3% including 34.4% far, but he knows how to choose his moments to help his own, often decisive.

“I am so grateful to this team, this organization, because they have helped me find myself and find peace,” Jackson said, referring to the trust that Lue and the staff place in him. “I’m even more frustrated when I’m clumsy, but they help me find peace and believe it’s the process that matters. We want to achieve the end goal, we all want that money, but you have to be confident in the process. “

“For him to raise his level and be the second scorer behind PG, we really need him,” said Tyronn Lue. “When he plays well, we play well. “

While waiting for the possible return of Kawhi Leonard, Jackson will have to continue at this level for the Clippers to reach the playoffs.

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