“I had to come to the US”: “Pepillo” Origel presumed that he had already been vaccinated against COVID-19 and was attacked on social networks

Pepillo is 73 years old (Photo: Instagram / juanjoseorigel)

While in Mexico already started with vaccination against coronavirusCOVID-19), progress is very slow, so citizens, with sufficient resources, look for other alternatives to immunize as soon as possible.

One option is receive the formula in another country to produce vaccines as it is U.S. Therefore, in recent weeks characters from the middle of the show they have traveled to the cities of said nation that allow the application to anyone who wishes; as long as are an adult over 65 years of age.

Such was the case of the show host, Juan Jose Origel, better known as “Pepillo”. This Saturday night boasted in his social networks have received the vaccine to prevent SARS-CoV-2, in the city of Miami, Florida.

He accompanied the publication with a photo where the communicator appears inside a car, wearing a mask, with his right arm uncovered, while a person applies the dose from the window.

(Screenshot: Twitter)

(Screenshot: Twitter)

However, he took the opportunity to point out the deficiencies of the Mexican health system.

It is done! How sad I am, that I had to come to the USA to get the vaccine and in our country nobody knows when or how, and for free!

And it is that in the National Vaccination Plan of the Ministry of Health, the first immunized in Mexican territory must be frontline medical personnel in the fight against the pandemic. Subsequently, other health workers and adults over 80 years of age. However, the country remains dependent on number of doses sent by other countries where the formulas of Pfizer-BioNTech y AstraZeneca.

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The publication of “Pepillo” divided opinions. While some argued that it is in all your right look for any alternative, others, especially Latino residents from the United States, they criticized his action, as they assure that it is not easy for them to get an appointment for the vaccine.

(Screenshot: Twitter)

(Screenshot: Twitter)

“If I were him and I had the money he has to pay for the vaccine in another country, yes I would”, “Not so free, you paid a plane ticket to go get it”, “I live in the USA and my mother has not yet … this is unacceptable“,” It is sadder that foreigners come to take away the opportunity of a date “,” It is more ashamed to be corrupt and take advantage of levers to vaccinate you. The elderly have not been able to get vaccinated and he has already done it and without being a resident ”, they are some of the comments that you can read about it.

In addition, before the doubt from many users of what requirements did he have to meet to receive it, several netizens living in the US explained that there are states like texas and florida, where health personnel administer the vaccine to older adults without asking for immigration status.

It is worth mentioning that Origel is 73 years old and worked a few years ago for the chain Telemundo in Miami, so it is not ruled out that it may even have a residence there.

According to their Instagram profile, Juan José took advantage of the trip to meet friends in the famous cantina “La 20”. Although he did not detail when he arrived, it is estimated that he will remain in Miami for several more days to receive the second dose and complete the complete vaccination schedule. That is if you received a two-dose formula.

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Pepillo and his friends at the “La 20” cantina in Miami (Photo: Instagram / juanjoseorigel)

A few weeks ago, “Pepillo” revealed on his YouTube channel that, at the beginning of January, the mariachi star Vicente Fernandez and part of his dynasty they had already been vaccinated, which left him surprised, although he did not specify where, but at that time doses still did not arrive in Jalisco, where they have residences, as in the United States.

“They have already received the vaccine. Don Vicente Fernández, El Potrillo (Alejandro Fernández) and even Gerardo, his brother, have already been vaccinated. I don’t know if “Vicentito”, I don’t know about that one, but of the three Fernándezes: Don Vicente, el Potrillo and Gerardo Fernández, they have already been vaccinated ”, he assured.


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