“I had to pay 21 euros more to receive my package… but it was not what I had ordered”

Marijke Ory is not the biggest fan of online shopping. The Belgian, a resident of Borgloon in Limburg, is however never against a good deal. She is therefore on the lookout for ways to save energy. Latest solution found, a very warm fleece duvet cover to warm up this winter without turning on the heating.

It was through a Facebook advertisement that she discovered the product. So she snapped. “I paid 35 euros on October 18 and immediately received a message in return: ‘Thank you for your order, it has been sent'”, she explains to the Newspaper. And indeed, three weeks later, Bpost announces to Marijke that a package will be delivered to her. “But to receive it, I first had to pay 21 euros in import duties. »

The Limbourgeoise runs. Except that at the time of unpacking, she is disconcerted. “What did I get? A ridiculous nose ring. I then sent numerous emails to the seller, but received no response. A far cry from the fleece blanket she had ordered. Her requests have gone unanswered since the online store where Marijke made her purchase has no address, no telephone number and even less no company number.

The package arrived from China. She was therefore a victim of dropshipping. A technique that consists of offering a worked showcase site on which you think of placing an order but which in reality buys directly from a much cheaper Chinese shop.

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