“I have had conversations with different sectors beyond the borders of the PS (…) also with people from the Broad Front”


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The pre-candidate Presidential of the PS, Paula Narváez, acknowledged that in recent days he has held conversations with different sectors of the political spectrum, including people from the Broad Front.

The former spokesperson of the former president, Michelle bachelet, yesterday he fully entered the presidential race by taking on the challenge to reach La Moneda. For now, he is waiting for his party the PS to define the mechanism for choosing a la carte that will represent the store in this process.

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Regarding the dialogues he has had, Narváez stated in Cooperativa that “I have had conversations with different sectors, of course, conversations that are still of a private nature, with many people who have raised me, beyond the borders of the PS, beyond even the Constituent Unit; a willingness to dialogue, a willingness to seek unity. And I stay with that attitude and I will strengthen it in the days to come ”.

He added that these dialogues have been with “all political sectors, I have also talked with people from the Broad Front, because I have always talked with everyone.

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“So, I have opened up to talk with many people and I receive … each one clearly establishes where their political domicile is at this minute, where their candidates are, all very transparent, very clear. But that, in a democratic life, does not mean not being able to talk and have a willingness to dialogue with all of them ”.

Opposition primaries: “The broader it could be very beneficial”

The former minister – now in dialogue with Meganoticias – also referred to the possibility of holding a broad primary in the opposition, which includes, for example, the letter of the PC and current mayor of Recoleta, Daniel Jadue.

In that sense, Narváez was available to participate. “The broader the primary could be very beneficial. And I think you have to do all kinds of primaries for people to express themselves, “he said.

He added that “I submit to the primaries that are established in a political sector that is discussing that and I, of course, I will join those conversations and I have no exclusions to make a priori from anyone ”.

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