‘I have killed them, but you can reborn them “

Godella’s parricide unloads the guilt on the mother: “He told me: ‘I have killed them, but you can be reborn”


Gabriel Salvador, along with his lawyer, during the first session of the trial.

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Gabriel Salvador, along with his lawyer, during the first session of the trial.

A screen separated them and they couldn’t see each other. They also didn’t want to. Your future depends on blaming each other. It’s been a long time since Maria Gumbau Y Gabriel Salvador they stopped being the couple they formed in 2011 and that broke out with the murder of her children on March 14, 2019. Both are accused of ending in a “brutal” way with the life of Amiel, three years old, and Ixchel, barely six months in the chalet they had occupied in Godella (Valencia). They face prison sentences of 50 years, in the case of Gabriel, and 25 years of confinement to a psychiatric center María, who is considered unimpeachable for the paranoid schizophrenia she suffers. Each blames the other for the events without anyone clarifying how the “most brutal crime I have seen in 20 years” could have occurred, the prosecutor described. “One doing and the other letting do”, he pointed out. The children died for skull fractures after being hit against the stairs of the pool after receiving a purifying bath. Despite the fact that the biological evidence indicates only the mother as the perpetrator of the crime in an “acute outbreak of paranoid schizophrenia,” the father is for the Prosecutor’s Office the inducer, manipulator of the mother’s will, and tried to find contradictions in his interrogation. Despite the nerves and the emotion that surfaced at times, his version was maintained: “Maria told me: ‘I have killed them, but you can make them reborn.'” Gabriel showed a very different image from the one on the day of his arrest. Neat, short hair and glasses and defiant in his answers to the prosecutor, to the point that the judge recognized him “Ability to lead discussions” and the prosecutor reminded the jury of his theater studies and described his personality as “chameleon”. In his opinion, it was he who “put the death of the children into the head” of Mary. He denied everything. He knew about the “atrocities” that were going through his wife’s mind in those days, but he denied having participated. His lawyer also did it at the doors of the court: “No one can control the will of a person with an outbreak of schizophrenia,” insisted the lawyer Alfredo Peris. Gabriel reported that the night the events occurred he smoked “a joint or two”, slept with his son and fell asleep all night. He did not hear the children, or Maria, or bark at the dog they had and who, he said, was very protective of the children. «I woke up in the morning because Maria climbed on top of me, naked, cold and with wet hair. Then I saw that the children were not there ”, he described. “Maria told me that they were in a safe place, that she had hidden them and then crazy things: that the children are in my mind, in my heart,” he described. “I keep looking for them and I find the blood on the stairs of the pool,” he said in a broken voice, from which he recovered quickly. “She told me: ‘I have killed them. I have aborted two children. But you can make them reborn ‘». Of what he did and said before the Civil Guard later, he no longer remembers anything because he was “in a state of shock.”

“Barbarities” collected in a newspaper

The father of the minors did describe how Maria’s state, “nervous and angry” in the weeks prior to the crime, made him uneasy, which he attributed to arguments with his mother, but that he was “worried” when he told her that he heard voices that they asked him to kill the children. Her ideas, dictated by her, were recorded in a notebook as a diary “to take to court” and recreate situations similar to those surrounding the deaths, related to Mayan or esoteric rituals. “I decided to write it to read it to her and for her to realize that it was not normal. And she calmed down”. The father of the children admitted being an admirer of pre-Columbian civilization and that he learned about its history on a visit with María to Mexico, where part of the of his family, but he denied performing rituals and only accepted that he believed that his son Amiel could be the victim of sexual abuse from “a hidden and criminal congregation.” According to the prosecutor’s account, the couple shared mystical beliefs, they believed in regression to past lives, in the rebirth of souls and in reincarnation. “Ideas that Gabriel had based on an amalgam of ideas from the Mayan and Christian cultures that he put into Maria’s head,” described the Prosecutor’s Office before describing the woman as a person “intellectually drawn by Gabriel, easily influenced.” Maria Gumbau, in the courtroom, K. FÖRSTERLINGEFE The two had an obsessive thought that there was “a plot against them” and that there was a sect that wanted to kill them, that sexually abused Amiel and that they wanted to kidnap the minors. Maria’s friends and family would be involved in that sect. In fact, according to the prosecutor’s account, they held night vigils to prevent possible attacks. Gabriel denied everything, who only recognized the fear that his son would be abused “by the teacher or by a hidden and criminal congregation. he referred to when he spoke of sect, “he clarified, not without making it clear that the suspicions were infused by his wife and corroborated by his three-year-old son” with gestures. ”

Visits to the psychiatrist

Maria Gumbau She appeared before the jury less thin and calmer than the day she was found hidden in a drum, naked and frightened after the death of her children. According to his lawyer, Luisa Ramón, he has improved with the treatment “but it is still bad.” In fact, he did not want Gabriel’s statement in person and left the room. He acknowledged that for weeks he saw his wife unable to take care of the children and that he took her to the psychiatrist. That was a month before the crimes, as specified by the prosecutor given the lack of specificity of the accused. María went to the psychiatrist in February at the insistence of her mother. She went to a first date that she was accompanied by Gabriel; the second did not return. According to the husband, because they told him it was okay and that it was just anxiety. Gabriel’s defense insisted on the absence of evidence against him, “there is none because they do not exist”, and Maria’s illness, revealing at the courthouse doors that her mother, Naomi, had also had psychological problems and an uncle suffers from the same disease, “so it is clearly a hereditary theme“said the lawyer.” It has been a case built with suspicions. That Gabriel has some ideas or others, so what? Can’t we have ideas that we think are convenient? As long as we don’t kill … and that the prosecutor has to prove. In a flowery outbreak of paranoid schizophrenia, it is not possible to influence, “he insisted. While Maria’s defense, who will give testimony today, asked the jury not to get carried away by the 27-year-old’s illness,” because it is very easy to attribute an outrage to those who have a disturbed mind. “In addition, she asked that the letters received by her in prison be incorporated into the cause, in which they say the coldness shown by Gabriel weeks after the murders is denoted.” Maria apologized, but not because of the crimes, but because he did not know how to protect his family, who were his children whom he adored. When you read Gabriel’s letter of March 31, you will see a person without feeling of loss, who recounts his day to day, the rich products of the commissary … and a few days later he wants to marry her. It draws attention. How is it possible that a father who loves his children, who is innocent, who has done nothing, addresses himself in that tone? There is something that does not fit, “said the lawyer. She also requested the testimony of two of María’s friends who will be able to prove, as she assured, that Gabriel had an irascible character and that he abused her eldest son.

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