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“I have no choice, I can’t leave my children on the street”

by archyde

Guest on the program “It’s not every day on Sunday”, the father of the family explains that he, his partner and his children will be on the street from next Friday: “My landlord is coming to pick up the keys with the bailiffs of justice,” he said.

And the CPAS can do nothing to help him: “They have no solution, no accommodation. Nothing,” he says. Jacques therefore plans to squat in an unoccupied apartment because he is unable to pay rent: “If I find a house where there is no one inside… I have no choice, I cannot leave my children homeless “.

“Hard to find accommodation”

Questioned by our colleagues from RTL INFO, the president of the CPAS of Namur, Philippe Noël (Ecolo), reacted to Jacques’ intervention. He explains that the rental network is “completely saturated” in Namur and “probably everywhere else in Wallonia”: “We had the flood crisis, then the migration crisis linked to Ukraine. Indeed, it is excessively complicated to find housing in general and even more affordable”.

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