“I have on average for 400 euros per month of gasoline”, the price of gasoline is on the rise again

You will undoubtedly have noticed, after having fallen during the health crisis, the price of fuels increases again at the pump. This is in fact one of the consequences, this one a little less encouraging, of deconfinement and economic recovery.

If you are a motorist and a minimum attentive, you will have noticed it: fuel prices have increased in recent weeks. “For me, it is too expensive for its usefulness. I still put two fill-ups a week. I have an average of 400 euros per month of gasoline just to go to work. Yes, I am worried about it“, explains a motorist to our journalists in a gasoline pump.

The price curve is explicit. In March 2020, petrol 95 is below one euro. It has increased again since January. For diesel, it’s the same trend.

Several reasons for this increase.

The main one is related to deconfinement. Economic activity is picking up, the demand for fuels is increasing. The rest is logical. Olivier Neirynck, spokesperson for the federation of fuel and fuel traders, explains: “There is the economic recovery, there are people who are resuming mobility. High consumption for a demand that remains constant. Indeed, there is an increase in prices at the pump. It’s quite logical, we have been playing since. years on the principle of supply and demand. “

Production reduction

To make matters worse, the OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) producing countries decided during the crisis to reduce production in an attempt to maintain prices. And despite the resumption of economic activity, they have not yet changed their minds.

Last element: we always feel the repercussions of a blockage of a container ship in the Suez Canal. “A lot of ships carrying crude and which should have been sent to European refineries. It took a lot of delay. There are still traffic jams. A bit like a motorway that is congested, blocked it takes time to unblock everything the system”, inform Olivier Neirynck

The effects of the blockade of the Suez Canal will wear off over time. As for fuel supply and demand, they should stabilize in the coming weeks. Unless there is an exceptional international event, prices should not continue to climb for long.

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