“I have strong defenses, so I am not afraid of the virus”

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tasting vallejos

The influencer Cata Vallejos became a trend in social networks, after giving a curious explanation regarding her refusal to the vaccine against covid-19.

Through their stories in Instagram, the former Calle 7 said that “I am not going to get vaccinated, the reason is because in reality I almost never get vaccinated with anything, neither with the flu nor with anything that came out new, because I feel that I can defend myself, my defenses are very strong, I try to eat well, eat healthy, do sports. I am a healthy person ”.

“So I feel that I can defend myself against any virus or anything (…) the other, I already had the coronavirus, I already have the antibodies, therefore it is the same as having the vaccine, because in the end what we know is that the The vaccine protects you as if you had the antibodies. It protects you so that if the wild virus comes, it doesn’t kill you, ”he added.

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Along these lines, the influencer said that “that is the idea, because we all know that you can get the same and you can get the same, so in the end it is the same as people who already had covid and have antibodies.”

“Then why would I get vaccinated and get more virus or an experimental vaccine that I don’t know what will happen in the medium or long term. I take care of my body, I can defend myself, my body is very strong, I have strong defenses, so I am not afraid of the virus, ”he continued.

Cata Vallejos stated that “that’s my opinion, whoever likes it, who doesn’t like it, well also, everyone has their opinion and is respectable.”

“I’m not saying people don’t get vaccinated, no, everyone does what they want. I have really thought about it a lot, I have also found out a lot, so I feel that all opinions have to be respected, if you feel comfortable with your decision it is perfect, this is my decision and I feel calm, “he concluded.

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