“I have the impression to find myself again with the Beatles”

EXCLUSIVE MAINTENANCE – The musician looks back on the recording sessions of Let It Be and explains how the documentary series Get Back by Peter Jackson was a revelation for him.

THE FIGARO MAGAZINE. – When you heard that Peter Jackson was going to direct a new documentary about Get Back (Let It Be subsequently, Editor’s note), were you afraid of what he could find there, or did you think that the unpublished images could correct certain misunderstandings?

Paul MCCARTNEY. – When I first heard that Peter was going to complete this project, we had a chat, and I said to him: “I’m not sure I like the result, Peter, because I remember it as a good time, but the first movie felt like we were going our separate ways, and we all lamented it. project as a whole. “ He understood. He left, then sent me emails telling me: “You know, I can’t find anything here that you told me about.” He added : “You’re not going to believe it… There are a lot of very good things.” He showed me the scene from She Came in Through the Bathroom ­Window, and it really helped me.

I had more

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