“I hope that VN publishing will soon become an intellectual and cultural industry”

“I hope that many Vietnamese publishing houses come to the world’s major book fairs, and I hope that the country’s publishing will soon become an intellectual and cultural industry,” said Dr. Nguyen Manh Hung.

Bologna Children’s Book Fair (BCBF) 2023 – Bologna Children’s Book Fair takes place from 6-9/3. It’s only been 4 days, but the whole world is here to join 1,456 publishers from more than 90 countries to be happy in the world of children’s books, in children’s colors, with joy evident on each face. After 3 years of the Covid-19 pandemic, children’s book publishers have the opportunity to gather together and have more fun than the association.

March 8, the third day of the book fair is indeed International Women’s Day, so it seems that the Bologna Children’s Book Fair focuses all its attention on publishing units, experts, and female guests. Great moments happened when PublisHer – an association of publishing houses led by women, held seminars, talks, and shared about their dedication and achievements throughout history. service to books and knowledge.

Ms. Bodour Al Qasimi – former President of the World Publishing Association, founder of PublisHer emphasized the efforts and results of female leaders, challenges in publishing children’s books, and contributions. for the publishing market in developing countries. Publishing women spoke, shared, listened and learned a lot from each other in this book fair.

We really like the play on words when the word “Publisher” is expressed very specifically to appear the word “Her – hers” to become PublisHer. Those who are present in Bologna now feel very clearly that the publishing field for women is very special and lively.

Many seminars take place at the book fair.

Ms. Vu Thuy – Copyright Director of Thai Ha Book Company, a Vietnamese woman, said that the world’s largest book fairs such as Frankfurt, London, and Bologna are always great playgrounds and a place for exchanges and meetings. most useful uninstaller. After years of being raged by the Covid-19 pandemic, when book fairs are only held online, everyone is like a bird in a cage, flying far away, singing the sound of books.

She said that, coming to major book fairs, publishers not only seek to buy the copyright of the best, most valuable and latest books to translate and publish in Vietnam, but also take advantage of great opportunities to learn, exchange and discuss the publishing situation around the world. Moreover, big book fairs like BCBF are always an opportunity to bring Vietnamese books to introduce and promote.

Thuy shared about children’s books by Vietnamese authors that she is passionate about and always wants to introduce to publishers around the world such as: How I Learned English, The Diary of the Super Kid Alvin, Mother’s Lullaby, 10 Days of Watching the World With Closed Eyes, Love Without Callingbooks In a quiet place, Singing with the stars, How did my parents “cut down” me, Singing words, Lessons off the page,…

The Bologna Children’s Book Fair is truly colorful. The organizers said that 1,060 artists came to participate in the BCBF 2023 book fair. Illustrators directly offer their works to publishers. This makes this year’s book fair very exciting and impressive. When we see these works directly, we really like and look forward to establishing a club or association of Vietnamese illustrators soon.

We are very interested in the books nominated for the BolognaRagazzi Prize 2023 in four categories: fiction; non-fiction; New Horizons (for work from non-Western countries) and Opera Prima (for debut work). The award always attracts many experts and media agencies. We hope, one day soon there will be a representative of Vietnam standing on this podium to be honored.

We are very happy to hear that Slovenia will be the guest of honor of BCBF 2024. So next year, back in Bologna, we have the opportunity to explore this small and special country with books and their culture.

We are very surprised and happy to have just received news from Mr. Shake Faisal and the Malaysian Publishing Association that the Malaysian government has decided to spend 20 million ringgit for the “translation grant” 2023. This is a good sign. not only for your country but also for the whole region, especially this year. Vietnam is currently the Chairman of ASEAN Publishing Association.

I suddenly remembered my proposals for decades for the Reading Promotion Fund, the Translation Fund and the Reading Promotion Award as well as the Translation Award in Vietnam. We will definitely be as successful as previous countries.

After the Bologna Children’s Book Fair, we and the whole group set out to attend the Bangkok Book Fair, which will take place from March 30 to April 9. Every time I go to book fairs, I can open my mind a lot, learn a lot of good things, and connect with a lot of partners. How wonderful!

I hope that many Vietnamese publishing houses will come to the world’s major book fairs, hope that we will establish a delegation of publishing units to exchange and perform at major publishing playgrounds around the world. . And I hope to publish the country soon to become an intellectual industry, a cultural industry. Hope and believe!

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