“I hope to resume a normal life”, testifies a Sarthoise

Sarthois suffering from long covid will be welcomed at the Arche and Gallouëdec centers. For these patients, physiotherapy or visits to the general practitioner are not enough; persistent symptoms of covid ruin their daily lives.

Armelle contracted covid in March 2020. Since then, some symptoms have persisted. “I have tremors, tinnitus, a lot of fatigue. But also memory loss or language disorders“, explains the Sarthoise calmly. Her concentration is also affected by the disease:”I can have an activity for an hour then I have to rest“, she regrets.

In a few weeks, Armelle will be taken care of at the Arche center in Saint-Saturnin. “I hope to get back on my feet, to be able to return to work, even if it is an adapted job, and to resume a normal life.

“À la carte” treatments

It is the Regional Health Agency (ARS) which asked l’Arche to set up this support. The patients will be welcomed for four weeks, with the most comprehensive possible care. In the program : “physiotherapy, adapted physical activity, balneotherapy … the objective is to re-train with effort“, explains Doctor Gaëlle Audat, who coordinates the program at l’Arche.”Depending on the symptoms, the loss of taste or smell can be worked on with a speech therapist, memory problems with a neuropsychologist … It’s à la carte.

The first patients should arrive at l’Arche in mid-October. Others will be hosted at the Gallouedec center.

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