“I hope you can enjoy the world view of the role” ‘Leo Rune’ new mode ‘Road of Champions’ said by the developer

On October 27th, Riot Games <레전드 오브 룬테라>A media experience event was held for the new content to be added to the ‘Champion’s Path’. At this meeting, ‘Shawn Maine’, the general designer of the road to champions. Story lead ‘May Li’ and senior designer ‘Sian Li’ participated to explain the path of a champion and provide a pre-experience opportunity, followed by a question-and-answer session.

The Champion’s Path is a PVE-type mod similar to the previously added mod ‘Legendary Lab’. You have to choose one of 15 champions and break through the stages in a roguelike format. It also includes an adventure mode that you can enjoy as a specific character, so you can experience various elements of the Runeterra universe that you have never seen before. We’ve compiled the Champion’s Path mode explained by the developers themselves. ​/This is Game Reporter Kim Seung-joo

# Champion’s Path is a new mode that combines PVE and Roguelike

The key to the Champion’s Path mode is that it is a ‘PVE Roguelike’ genre.

According to the explanation of the main director Sean Lee, the goal of the path of the champion is to break through the randomly formed stages, create artifacts and your own deck, and finally defeat the boss. You can also experience new experiences by exploring each region of the Runeterra world and competing against champions. Three regions will be revealed at the time of the official release, but we plan to increase the number through future updates.

The three areas unveiled at the event are ‘Ionia’, ‘Zaun’ and ‘Bilgewater’. <리그 오브 레전드> To commemorate the airing of the animation ‘Arcane’, which is based on a worldview, an adventure with separate cutscenes is provided in Piltover and Zaun.

And there are a total of 15 champions currently planned, and not all champions can be selected immediately after launch. Designer May Lee explained that he plans to increase the number of supported champions through updates, and that the champions assigned to story adventure will be released for free.

After selecting the champion you want, you will be taken to the adventure selection screen. Two to three adventures are assigned to each region, and each adventure has a different level of difficulty, making it more immersive. The story adventure also includes cutscenes in cartoon form.

At this media event, the story of Jinx was mainly introduced, and designer May Lee said, “It’s not the story of Arcane, but it will help you enjoy the story of Piltover and Zaun.” Five adventures set in Piltover and Zaun are provided, and you must select champions such as Jinx, Vi, Echo, Jace, and Caitlyn to clear increasingly difficult stages.

‘Road of the Champion’ gameplay screenshot

Like the ‘Legendary Lab’, there is also ‘Power’ that greatly affects the player’s strategy. By combining multiple powers to create new synergies, you can dramatically change the flow of the game.

And each story adventure has an option system. Depending on which option you choose, the ending and rewards will change.

By completing adventures, you can increase your champion’s reputation level. As the reputation level rises, additional stats, passives, and slots for relics increase. Artifacts can be obtained through adventure and are used to customize champions. A champion’s stats vary depending on how the artifacts are combined.

Clear the stage and collect rewards

The story branch can be decided by the player

New champions and cards were also revealed. first new <레오룬>champion ‘Jace’ has been revealed, <롤>Similarly, depending on the combination, you can become a challenger who attacks hard, and you can become a champion specialized in a quick first attack. When Jace levels up, he can cast a spell twice. In line with this, various cards based on Jace and Piltover are planned to be added.

# “It will provide new fun that has not been experienced in existing card games”

Q. I think the Champion’s Path mode is an enhanced version of the Legend’s Lab and Sea Outlaw game modes. And for users who are familiar with the system, the initial difficulty feels easy. Is it for beginners?

A. May Lee: That’s a good question. One of the lessons we learned while operating the Outlaw of the Sea mode is that providing new players with too much information can be overwhelming for users. At the beginning of the path to champions <레오룬>made it easy for new users to adapt. Even so, the further back you go, the more difficult it is for existing users to feel.

A. Xi’an Li: For more experienced players, after two or three hours of playing the story adventure, the difficulty may not be satisfactory. From then on, as the game progresses, it will provide more difficult difficulty.

A. May Lee: In other words, the most important part of developing the path of the champion is to implement difficult difficulties at a level that new users can enjoy.

Q. How many types of special abilities of units or champions that can be acquired while playing the game have been implemented? And I wonder if there is a feature you like the most.

A. Shawn Maine: There are about 71. And my favorite feature is the Champ Artifact feature. I think it’s attractive that you can customize the champion through relics and complete the same adventure in your own way.

Q. If it is a PVE roguelike game, I think it is important to motivate users to repeat play. How does the path of champions motivate you to replay? For example, are there separate rewards that can be used in PVP mode?

A. Shawn Maine: I think it’s an important question. There are no special rewards just for PVP mode yet, but the more you clear the stages, the more relics you can use in Path of Champion mode.

These artifacts can also be equipped by other champions, giving you a new experience with multiple champions. I think this can provide enough motivation for repeat play.

A. <레오룬>Users who are attracted to the worldview and setting that can only be seen in , but have not played because of the burden of PvPThere were also many If the Champion’s Path mode is added, the influx of new users is expected to increase. <레오룬>It was felt that the system might not be intuitive for new users unfamiliar with it. I wonder if there is any way to improve this.

A. May Lee: as mentioned earlier <레오룬>We continue to work hard to make the system easier to understand and to make existing users interesting. We will continue to improve this part by receiving feedback while operating the Champion’s Path mode. and existing <롤> I tried to melt the various narratives for those who love IP, so I think you should watch this part carefully.

Q. What are the strengths and differences of the Champion Path mode in your opinion?

A. May Lee: I think the difference is the strong IP connectivity through the narrative.

A. Shawn Maine: The path of the champion is a mod that has been prepared for a long time. I think the strength of it is that players can create their own style through artifacts and decks, so they can experience the core play of Runeterra.

Q. There are cards dedicated to the path of champions, such as Rocket Border and Pang Ya Pang Ya. Do you have any plans to adjust the performance of these cards in the future and add them to the general game?

A. May Lee: There are no plans yet to introduce a dedicated Path of Champion card to normal mode. This is because the purpose of the Champion’s Path mode is to make you feel the experience that you couldn’t feel in the existing mode without getting stuck in the frame of PVP. In addition, for users who will regret this, a new champion Jace and 12 related cards have been added.

Q. There seems to be a condition to unlocking a champion that can be used in the Champion’s Path. Could there be a paid purchase to unlock a champion?

A. Shawn Maine: First of all, you must have 2 of the same card to unlock a champion. Also, if you play all the champions in Arcane, you can get most of the 15 champions. I don’t think you’ll need a lot of money for this part, as we’ve set it up so that you can unlock champions without paying as much as possible. No need to worry.

Q. Road-like deck building games often have hardcore users who dig deep into the system. Are you willing to make a mod for these users?

A. Shawn Maine: I think the reason the champion path is interesting is the cascading difficulty. If users want to dig deeper into the game, content that responds will wait.

Also, for the time being, we plan to focus on the Path of Champion content. Adventures and the like will continue to be added. Although the content roadmap has not been released yet, users who want a difficult and challenging mode can also look forward to the update.

A. Xi’an Li: Right now, we want the highest difficulty stage to be suitable for users who want a challenging level of difficulty. There are no plans to create a separate maximum difficulty level, but we plan to add more difficult adventures to keep it interesting.

Q. In terms of making it easier for new users to enter the game, <매직 더 개더링>Reminds me of ‘Duels of the Planes walkers’. The series was disappointing as no additional works were released. Will ‘Road of Champions’ be constantly improved and updated? Or is there a fixed quantity?

Q. May Li: Having participated in the development of the project, I fully sympathize with the content of the players’ disappointment. We plan to continue releasing content related to Path of Champions.

The Champion’s Path is a mod that has been prepared for a very long time. In the process, I tried to incorporate the lessons learned through the Legend Research Institute, etc. In the future, we plan to continuously release content that users will enjoy.

​Q. Finally, a word for users who are looking forward to the Champion’s Path mode.

A. Shawn Maine: I am very happy to be able to show the path of a champion. I am looking forward to seeing the world of Runeterra through this mod. We hope that users will enjoy the path of a champion as soon as possible and join us on the journey ahead.

A. May Lee: I think this opportunity will allow players to experience connecting with existing characters in a new way. It is expected to provide new fun that has not been experienced in existing card games.

A. Xi’an Li: We hope that this mode’s story adventure will serve as a starting point for new players to get used to. For existing users, we hope that they will be happy to meet again the elements that they previously thought were interesting in the Research Institute of Legends or The Outlaw of the Sea.


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