“I just want to play in Junior and continue giving joys”: ‘Teo’

The waters of the ‘Tiburon’ are moving quite a bit. It is so much so that more is being talked about Junior than about the same final of the League between Santa Fe and America, which will be played this Sunday at the El Campín stadium (6 pm).

The first red-and-white novel that stole all eyes has to do with Miguel Ángel Borja. The announcement of the goalscorer’s departure, published by himself on his social networks, generated the first dust storm. That it is not going, that yes, that no, that Mayor Alejandro Char published on his Twitter account that yes, that later he deleted the trill … the soap opera of the Cordovan attacker lived transcendental chapters last Tuesday and a happy ending was beginning to be glimpsed when it was known that Junior had not let his guard down to keep his gunner and that he was still negotiating with Palmeiras of Brazil.

The expectant plot of the Borja case (whose outcome is still officially unknown) lost a bit of prominence after Teófilo Gutiérrez, in the middle of the morning of December 24, when everyone was getting ready to live an atypical Christmas in the middle of the pandemic, he broke in with a bomb statement that exploded in the heart of juniorism and that managed to shake the entire soccer country.

“My stage in Junior is finished,” said Teo in dialogue with Fabio Poveda Ruiz’s program, Deporte Espectacular, from the virtual station ‘A un click radio’.

The idol ‘made in’ Chinita said that his performance deserved an extension of his contract and that he left when he saw that it was not produced.

“I have a contract until the middle of next year. We are trying to reach an agreement in the next few hours. My first choice has always been Junior, but suddenly they have something better for the fans. The team at the moment is focused on other important things, ”said Teo.

Immediately the issue became a trend on social networks and all national media, including several international ones, replicated it.

The Borja thing is still being managed. Junior has not stopped insisting on his continuity and has practically ruled out the hiring of Fernando Uribe (see separate note with representative of the Pereira forward).


Regarding Teofilo, there is a clear desire of the player to renew his contract, which expires at the end of June 2021. We must see how the forward and the board resolve this issue in the following days.

Teo was very determined in his statements on Thursday and even managed to say that he would reach an agreement with the club to cut their contractual relationship now.

For now, Teófilo confirmed this Friday to EL HERALDO, already in a less radical tone, that today he will present himself at the Covid-19 PCR test day, which will mark the start of the preseason of the shark team for the three commitments of 2021 (League, Copa Libertadores and Copa Colombia).

“My idea is always to play and keep giving joy to the beloved team. I just want to play in Junior and continue giving joys, “said Teo in a talk with EL HERALDO, without specifying if he had already had an approach with the leadership about his contractual claims.


For his part, the new president of Junior, Alejandro Arteta, declared yesterday through the institution’s social networks: “All players who have a current contract will comply with it.”


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