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The Russia-Ukraine conflict It has already been two months and at the moment, there are no signs that it will end. the troops of Vladimir Putin continue to set their sights on Donbas after seize Mariupol and not being able to advance in kyiv.

Both countries try to negotiate an agreement to end the war, but so far not much progress has been made, so one of the Ukrainian political leaders who knows the president of Russia set posture. This is Viktor Yushchenko.

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The person who holds the key to defeating Vladimir Putin

who was president of Ukraine between the years 2005 and 2010 told The Guardian the keys to defeating the Putin government and ending the invasion. Specifically, there are only two, military support and international solidarity.reviewed AS.

“It is something that really bothers him. I know that while news about our war made headlines around the world and dominated the global conversation for several weeks, interest in the stories of our territorial defenders is beginning to wane,” he said, explaining how the stage is cooling. from the war.

He went on to describe the situation and warns of the decline in interest in the conflict. “Fatigue due to the horrors of war is sadly common, we have already seen it in Syria, Yemen or in our own Donbas,” Yushchenko explained, referring to the fact that the situation in Ukraine should continue to be exposed and that the international allies continue to support them.

The politician also cited the reason that caused the failure of the Russian invasion, which “illegally invaded our border two months ago. They failed in their attempts. Part of it is due to the fierce and heroic resistance of the Ukrainians. It is a fight against imperialism and tyranny.”

Yushchenko assures that Putin became a “brutal despot”

The two met when each was a minister in their respective countries in 2000. Yushchenko then ran for Ukraine’s presidency in 2004, and that’s when Putin launched a campaign against his colleague. “When I won the presidency, I realized that it was necessary to maintain a functional relationship with him,” he said.

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On the other hand, he stated that the Russian changed “completely” compared to when they met. “The Putin I dealt with is no more. He has become a brutal and isolated despot who does not support any opposition”. Finally, he argued that “Ukrainian victory is inevitable.” (I)

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