“I load doodles on TV”

Pilar Cox’s return to the media was a pleasant surprise for those familiar with the industry. And of course, if the experience that the former host of “Tuesday 13” has helps to promote new programs.

But beware, his return will not be to the small screen. So? The entertainer settled in La Serena for a long time and on November 4 she will premiere her new program “Rutas Alternativas”, through Radio Continental, on 98.9 on the FM dial. Mish!

“It motivated me to return because it is radio, to be in contact with people. In the last time I was very absent from the media, but I am very happy with the program, “he told The fourth.

In his new space, Cox will talk about all the topics together with the people. “It’s a talk show, with an open phone. The idea is that people call and we address the issues that matter to us, such as the leading role of women until national and international events, ”he stated.

– How does it feel?

I’m happy. And you know what? It is good to hear a happy person, in general.

– I was piolita …

I was a table member, as a volunteer. I went with the awareness that I have rights and obligations, so I felt the duty to do so and I fulfilled it with great affection.

– Get renewed.

Everything in the past, which at some point was better, has a history. And those stories also have pain. So you have to look at the present and not go back.

– The rest! I am not saying that you should not look at the past, but rather live from it.

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I would repeat many things, like having my children again and a lot of beautiful things. If I had a time machine, I know what I would repeat and even more clearly what I would not do.

– What would you say to the younger ones?

That he has the responsibility to lead our country towards a better future. I ask you to be happy and to be encouraged to have children. Let them look at the sky, see a star, touch the earth, use their five senses and live with them to be happy.

– What do you think of current TV?

Scribbles and bad language load me. And what I do not like are those morning reports that do all the negative. It bothers me that there are no alternatives.

– Will he go back to the screen?

I am happy with the radio now. What I want is to live in peace, tranquility, in harmony with myself and the rest.

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