‘I looked at him with adoration then and still say with adoration and affection even more. Happy birthday Jayetto’; Rimi Tommy wishes Jayasurya a happy birthday

Kochi: (www.kvartha.com 31.08.2021) Rimi Tommy wishes Jayasurya a happy birthday. Jayasurya is a hero who has always won the hearts of the audience through his different roles. Jayasurya’s characters are different from each other. Many people, including Rimi Tommy, came to congratulate the actor, who is now celebrating his 43rd birthday.

Full version of Rimi Tommy’s Instagram post:

‘Twenty-two years ago when I was singing in an angel voice an acquaintance asked me what to do and said anchoring. I looked up in adoration that day. Jayato, who is still a superstar in Malayalam cinema, says, Make us happy with a lot of good characters and God bless you with longevity and health. ‘

That’s what Rimi Tommy wrote.
Rimi Tommy also shared a photo of Jayasurya.

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