I measured the benchmark of the 10.2-inch “iPad” equipped with the iPad mini & A13 chip, which has made great progress with the A15 Bionic equipped with a 6-core CPU & 5-core GPU –GIGAZINE

The 9th generation “iPad miniIs the same SoC as the iPhone 13 ProA15 BionicWith the elimination of the home button and support for the 2nd generation Apple Pencil, we have achieved the largest upgrade in the history of the iPad mini series. And the entry model 10.2 inch “iPad (9th generation)“teeth”A13 BionicApple is appealing that the performance of CPU and GPU has been increased by 20% or more compared to the previous model. I actually measured the processing power of these two models using benchmark software.

iPad mini-Apple (Japan)

10.2-inch iPad-Apple (Japan)

◆iPad mini
For the benchmark test, the mobile version of the iron plate benchmark software “Geekbench 5“Use the. First, we will test the CPU performance of the iPad mini. According to GeekBench, the CPU of the A15 Bionic is ARM-based with a frequency of 2.92GHz and memory of 4GB.

The results are as follows, with a single core score of “1598” and a multi-core score of “4575”.Equipped with the same 6-core CPU A15 BioniciPhone 13The result was slightly lower than the result of.

Single core scoreA14 BionicIt slightly surpasses the installed iPhone 12 series and hits the highest number.

The multi-core score is well above the iPhone 12 series, slightly below the 11-inch iPad Pro (2nd generation) released in 2020.

Next, the result of testing the GPU is as follows. The Metal score was “13780”, which was slightly higher than the 11-inch iPad Pro (2nd generation).

◆ 10.2-inch iPad
Next is the 10.2-inch iPad. Test from CPU performance. According to Geekbench, the operating frequency of the CPU is 2.66GHz and the number of cores is 6. Since the memory is “2.87GB”, it seems that 3GB is installed. The OS is iPad OS 15.0.

The results are as follows, with a single core score of “1332” and a multi-core score of “3285”.

The single-core score is lower than the iPhone 12 series, but slightly higher than the iPhone 11 series with the same A13 chip.

The multi-core score is on par with the iPhone 11 series.

The GPU performance score is “7357”, which is also the same result as the iPhone 11 series.

The score of the iPad mini marks a score higher than the iPhone 12 series released in 2020. It is attractive that you can purchase a small and high-performance tablet from 59,800 yen including tax. Recommended for those who do not want the performance of the iPad Pro but want a high-performance small tablet.

As a result, the 10.2-inch iPad will line up with the iPhone 11 series according to the performance of the chip. This iPad, which is installed in the latest iPad Pro and has functions such as a “center frame” that allows the camera to track the user during a video call, can be purchased from 39,800 yen including tax. It is an entry model that provides more than enough performance for those who want to touch the tablet at a low price.

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