“I miss the period of strict confinement”: these Belgians who are afraid of returning to normal life (TESTIMONIALS)

Psychiatrists are seeing an increase in consultations linked to anxieties and regrets of regaining pre-Covid life.

“I got used to staying locked in my house and it is true that I am not very comfortable when I am confronted with a crowd.” “I have to learn to live again, there are certain activities that I am afraid to resume.”

Between the fear of the virus which is still present, the fear of finding each other or the anxiety of resuming certain activities and habits left aside for a year and a half, many Belgians have decided not to deconfin and greatly fear a return to ” normal life “. This is the case with Paul-Louis, who has taken on new lifestyle habits since the start of the pandemic. “I quickly feel bad when I find myself in a group. I have developed a kind of social phobia (…)”

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