‘I must apologize; Forgive your son too ‘; Mother of Texas school attacker | Texas School Shooting | Texas Shooting mother

Texas അമ്മ The mother of a murdered teenager who unconditionally apologized for the shooting death of 21 people at Yuvaldi Rob Elementary School in Texas. ‘I have to apologize. I have to forgive my son too. There may be some reason of his own behind his murder. Do not judge him. I just want an apology from the innocent children who were killed in the shooting, “said Adriana Martinez, the mother of Salvador Ramos.

“I have no words to say, I do not know why he did this,” she said, struggling to hold back her tears. The 18-year-old was attacked at the school on Tuesday morning. Ramos had killed his grandmother before the school shooting.

Eighteen-year-old Salvador Ramos’ father also apologized to the public for the incident. ” I apologize for the mistake my son made. I did not expect him to do such a thing. They could have killed me instead of those babies. I will never see my son again. The slain parents can no longer see their children. It hurts me a lot, “said Ramos’ father.

“Ramos has been living with my wife and me for a long time. He had some problems with his mother after he dropped out of school. I was not at home at the time of the murder. Otherwise he might have killed me too. “



Image: AFP

‘I’m afraid of weapons. If Ramos had known he was in possession of these I would definitely have reported this incident to the authorities. I apologize to all the children and their families who lost their lives in this incident, “said Ramos’ grandfather.

English Summary: Please don’t judge him, he had his reasons, says mother of Texas school shooter

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