“I never click on it but it’s Lidl and as I always go to Lidl…”

Patricia would have been fine without this emotional lift she experienced a few weeks ago. This 60-year-old native of March took part in a social media contest that allowed her to win a smart cooker from Lidl. “It was an ad from Lidl for a contest. Usually, I never click on it. But it’s Lidl, and since I always go to Lidl, I thought to myself: why not? It was to win a smart cooker, ”she explains to our colleagues at RTL.

Except that Lidl’s ad is not a Lidl’s ad. This is a false advertisement and a scam that aims to use its information. “I found myself on a site that looked like Lidl, where I directly won the cooker,” adds the sixty-year-old who does not yet suspect that the trap has just closed on her. Because to receive the device, Patricia must pay 1 euro for the shipping costs. She does so and enters the details of her VISA.

When she checks her account, she notices the 1 euro in reserve. But a few days later, an additional 37 euros were taken from him. This is when La Marchoise understands having been ripped off. “I felt really stupid, I was really bad”. Because in reality, with the information of her VISA, Patricia was subscribed without her knowledge to an online gaming site. After finding the company on the Internet, she tries to unsubscribe … without success until a threat message. “That same evening, I received a response from them. They explained to me that I had unsubscribed, but that I still had the right to play again until the end of the month! While I never asked for anything ”.

A very bad adventure for Patricia who lost 38 euros in the story. “Yes, 38 euros, for me, it’s huge. I have been living alone since a divorce last year, I earn 1,000 euros per month and I do a few more housework. At 60, it’s not very easy ”.


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