I pray, the ‘youtuber’ that makes the CDU tremble

  • The ‘influencer’, with millions of followers on social networks, charges against German conservatism in the final stretch of the electoral campaign

  • The attack comes at a bad time for the CDU, less than a month before the federal elections and having hit historic bottom in the polls

“This video is about politicians who have behaved badly, […] to fail and screw it up on essential matters that any high political office should control, disrespect and lies before the population, of illegal activities that are not fought but protected by politics, from the obvious waste of millions of euros of public money “.

The last video political content of the German ‘youtuber’ Network it could hardly start more forcefully. The popular ‘influencer’, with more than two million followers on his different YouTube channels, one million on Instagram and about half a million on Twitter, uploaded it on August 21 to the network. The reproductions in a few days exceeded three million only on YouTube.

“Rezo hits again”, several media reacted to the video, which it reviews in almost half an hour – and with the typical carefree, frenetic pace and full of anglicism of the ‘youtuber’ content – incompetence, lies, corruption and collusion between political and economic power carried out in the last two years by different German political figures.

It is not the first time that this twenty-something blue-crested – usually a creator of entertainment content for young people – has released a video of political criticism. Already in May 2019, shortly before the last European elections, he published “The destruction of the CDU”, where he charged harshly against German conservatism. Almost 20 million views have accumulated that video. In the current one, entitled “Destruction Part 1: incompetence”, the main victim is once again the CDU-CSU.

Thorough documentation

At first glance, one might think that Rezo’s political criticism videos are an opportunistic and demagogic attempt a few weeks before the next federal elections. However, it is a well-founded and thoroughly documented criticism -Supported in a list of more than 100 sources-. However, it is striking that the center of Rezo’s criticism is almost always the Christian Democratic ranks. The criticisms of the rest of the parties are more superficial.

The president of the CDU and Christian Democratic candidate for the chancellery, Armin Laschet, is the worst offended. The ‘youtuber’ shows it in the probably most shameful episode of Laschet since he launched his candidacy: the still president of the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia appeared laughing and commiserating with other people behind the back of the federal president of Germany while he attended to the media in one of the towns hit by the rainstorm that left dozens of deaths last July in western Germany.

Among other incompetencies, Rezo also accuses Laschet of lying about his proposals for fight against climate change and fiscal policy. The Minister of Agriculture, also a Christian Democrat Jukia Klöckner, it does not come off a better stop: the ‘youtuber’ shows it by appearing with those responsible for Nestlé and a German alcoholic brand in videos and photos that are more like the product placement than to the institutional communication of a ministry. Rezo does not hesitate to describe Klöckner as “amateur”. Their final conclusion is that the CDU is acting “incompetent” or “dishonest.”

Turn in the polls

Rezo’s “Destruction Part 1” video arrives a lousy moment for the CDU: the conservative party does not stop losing points in the polls, in which it barely exceeds the 20% voting intention. In the latest projection published this Sunday – made by the INSA institute at the request of the BILD tabloid – the Social Democrats are already placed with 24% three points away from the CDU, which touches historical background in voting intention. The SPD has taken the lead in polls for the first time in more than a decade.

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If after the publication of the video “The destruction of the CDU” in 2019, the Christian Democratic leadership publicly sought dialogue with Rezo -which he rejected-, now German conservatism simply ignores the attacks of the ‘youtuber’. The CDU no longer only trembles over the millions of reproductions of Rezo’s video, but also in the face of federal elections that a few weeks ago seemed to have been won by Laschet’s party.

“The SPD and its candidate, Olaf Scholz, are taking advantage of the weaknesses of the rest of the parties,” says Professor Manfred Güllner, director of the Forsa demographic institute. “The only thing that could help the CDU would be to change its candidate to Chancellor, “he assures. And things may get worse for Laschet when Rezo fulfills the next few days his promise to publish a second video on the” destruction “of the CDU.


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