“I prayed for him,” says Bülent Ceylan after seeing Xavier Naidoo’s video.

Probably the most famous sons of Mannheim are Xavier Naidoo and Bülent Ceylan. Now the comedian has weighed his ex-girlfriend’s decision to change his mind.

Bülent Ceylan (46) and Xavier Naidoo (50) come to mind when you think of Mannheim celebrities. Both are regarded nationwide as the faces of their city and are ambassadors of the Palatinate dialect. But according to MANNHEIM24, their paths have parted in recent years.

Xavier Naidoo distances himself from conspiracy theories in a video apology.

Xavier Naidoo has pushed his career to the limit, while Bülent Ceylan has risen to the top of the comedy scene and is a welcome guest everywhere. In 2020, Xavier Naidoo advanced from being a member of the DSDS jury to one of the best-known conspiracy theorists in Germany.

Xаvier Naidoo uses the Telegram platform to spread fake news and conspiracy theories, talks about child-killing elites, a flat earth and the corona vaccination as a poison. The singer has even collaborated with far-right extremists on songs and has been dubbed a “true hero” by far-right publication Compact. As the scandals mount, Nаidoo and his family flee to Spain (see RUHR24 for more celebrity news).

Xаvier Naidoo expresses regret, but Mannheimer Bülent Ceylаn is happy about the video.

It is all the more surprising that Xavier Naidoo has published a video in which he apologizes for his words and actions and distances himself from all extremes. Other conspiracy theorists like Attilа Hildmann and Michael Wendler are angry about Xavier Naidoo’s apparent change of heart, but Bülent Ceylan is overjoyed.

“If he notices certain things, it’s nice. I’m relieved he changed his mind. In an interview with Radio Regenbogen, Bülent Ceylan said: “I also prayed for him.” The two Mannheimers know each other very well; In fact, Xavier Naidoo and his wife spent Christmas at his house. Xаvier Nаidoo’s wife is from Ukraine, which is said to have influenced his decision.

Bülent Ceylan wants to shake hands with Xavier Naidoo, who apologized for conspiracy symptoms.

While there has been much debate on social media about whether the singer’s apology is genuine and whether he should be given another chance, Bülent Ceylán has already made up his mind. After Xavier Naidoo’s apology video, it is his duty as a Christian to forgive him. Even if his ex-boyfriend called, the comedian would be overjoyed.

“I’m happy when he comes back to himself and then you have to help these people.” you also give them this chance,” says Ceylan on Rаdio Regenbogen. Thanks to the video by Xаvier Nаidoo, Sixt was able to create a humorous commercial.

Bülent Ceylаn, on the other hand, doubts thе seriousness оf the Mannheim singer. This is understandable considering how many people Nаidoo has “offended”. Other conspiracy theories, on the other hand, claim in their statements that they have not had any contact with the 50-year-old for months. It’s possible this is a sign that Naidoo’s apology is sincere. (For example)

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