“I reported stalking,” said a weapon riot… I reported it 7 times before

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A man who brandished a weapon after visiting his ex-girlfriend who reported him for stalking has been arrested by the police.

This man has been reported for stalking seven times since last year, but it was found that he was released each time because the victim did not want punishment.

Reporter Suhan Yoon reports.

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Yesterday evening, an alley in a residential area in Incheon.

A man wearing a white jumper is closely following the woman who looks back and runs in haste.

As soon as the woman is caught, the man immediately brandishes a weapon.

The weapon riot continued for nearly a minute after the woman fell, and the police arrived after citizens passing by joined forces to pull the man out.


“I went over there and there was a person lying down, and people were buzzing. Later, police cars came and gave first aid like this and then carried it like this…”

The perpetrator, a 53-year-old man, was found to have been stalking the victim relentlessly after breaking up with the victim last year.

The victim had reported to 112 that “the man continues to send text messages” an hour before the crime.

The police officer who received the report called the man and warned him to “stop stalking,” but the man replied, “Okay,” and then went to the restaurant run by the victim and committed the crime.

The victim was taken to the hospital with serious injuries to the neck and face.

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“I kept getting calls, so I blocked it and said it was like that. The police were dispatched once. I heard they did…”

The victim reported the perpetrator to the police on charges of stalking and other charges seven times over a year from February of last year.

Two of these cases led to formal investigations, and the man was arrested as an active offender, but the police explained that each time the victim had to end the investigation by saying “I don’t want punishment.”

The crime of stalking is a ‘half-willed crime’ that cannot be punished if the victim does not want to.

About 30,000 stalking crimes have been reported for a year since the Stalking Punishment Act took effect in October of last year.

As the criminal acts of stalking perpetrators follow one after another, there is a high voice that the law should be amended so that the victim can be punished even if he does not want it, but the discussion is not slowing down.

This is Yoon Soo-han from MBC News.

Video coverage: Lim Ji-soo / Video editing: Nam-joo Nam

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