“I saw myself dying”, trapped in an elevator with a giant water leak, she could have drowned (video)

Friday morning for this young woman aged 22, it was just a matter of going to work. As usual, she took the elevator of this building in Sarcelles, in the Val d’Oise in France, to reach the second basement, where she intended to take her car. Except that the elevator stopped, blocked between the two basements, as La Voix du Nord explains.

The student tried to press the alarm button, but nothing happened. She found herself trapped as a massive water leak invaded the building’s basements. “Just before -2, the elevator got stuck. The water started to rise right away,” she told the newspaper. The Parisian. “I pressed the buttons but the elevator wouldn’t go up anymore. I pressed the alarm but got no one. I tried to go back up again but the elevator did not move. The doors wouldn’t open. The water was coming from below but also from above, on both sides, and it sounded like a waterfall… I saw myself dying”.

Water up to your waist

The young girl, who was finally able to be saved by the firefighters, saw herself die. When paramedics rescued her, she was in water up to her waist. “The person was very lucky,” said firefighters from Val-d’Oise to the Parisian. According to the professionals, there was then 1.70 m of water in the second basement.

Today, the student does not suffer from physical injuries but she is deeply shocked. Called for help by his sister, one of his brothers is furious: “We are in France in 2022, how can you accept the risk of drowning in an elevator in a new building by simply going to your garage ? This is unacceptable, ”he asks on Instagram with a video, which suggests the anguish of these moments.

Since then, the 120 apartments in this 11-storey building have been deprived of water. The building dates from winter 2021.

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