“I send a red card to ballerinas and slippers”

Praised, mocked, or brought up to date, shoes are seen as a reflection of an era, communities, and a personality. Between iconic models or in the process of becoming one, Release devotes a weekly column to enthusiasts who tell their stories through their pumps. This time, Ahmed, 36, recounts his memories of childhood and confinement.

What do you think is the ideal shoe for a first date?

I think I would put on my pair of all black TN (Air Max Plus). The model is part of my identity, I grew up in streetwear atmospheres. I would accompany them with a little ripped black jeans, with a little white top. Opposite, I’m not waiting for the big game, I just need to feel that the person is comfortable. In any case, that’s what I would like the person to understand when they see TN on their feet. Well … I still send a red card to the ballerinas. I feel like these are oppressive shoes. For me, it’s style cancer. It’s like walking around in socks. The tap-socks are also outside. It’s very Germanic.

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Your containment pair?

The New Balance 597 black with the logo in white. I bought it a few years ago but it holds up well. I am comfortable in it. I can hang out with it. She also accompanies me to the gym. Black, so all-purpose, with sweatpants, jeans: when you don’t want to think, or take the lead, it’s very practical. And ideal when you don’t need to be dressed because you work from home.

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A memory of a playground around shoes?

The Air Max 1 was the big trend of the time. Had to have it to be in. It was worn a lot by the generations above. We were saying “Oh yeah, did you see the big brother of thing, he has the Air Max 1”. For the Pump, identification was done through TV but the Air Max, we wanted to afford it to be like the grown-ups. They were trendsetters for us. As soon as our generation managed to afford a pair acclaimed by the grown-ups, we stood out.

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