“I think of the 2022 World Cup as if it were the last”: the development of Neymar

On the sidelines of the French final of the 5 against 5 tournament organized by his sponsor Red Bull, Neymar awarded a maintenance where he sweeps his news more or less broad. The Brazilian thus returns first to the arrival of Messi in Paris. “I am very happy, very satisfied to have Messi at Paris Saint-Germain,” he said. Not only is he a football idol, a top player and a genius, he is also my friend. And when you have friends by your side, your daily life is lighter and calmer. We hope to write history together, as we did in Barcelona. “

As his compatriot Ronaldinho told us last week, Neymar does not hide his pleasure in seeing Kylian Mbappé play, stressing that he is “really fast, young, a great player”. But he also puts forward Marco Verratti. “I knew he was good,” he said of her, “but not so much, that he was a genius. Today I can say he is one of the best midfielders I have played with, alongside Xavi and Iniesta. “

Neymar also returned to his remarks broadcast as part of a DAZN report where he mentioned the 2022 World Cup as his last. These questions about his future had been “misunderstood” according to Marquinhos, who came to defend his compatriot. This time, it is Neymar himself who makes the development. “I said something, but people understood something else,” he explains. I said that, yes, it will be my last World Cup and that I will face it in the best possible way. I’ll give my best to be 100% because it’s like having a game the next day, that’s how I approach it. If there’s a game tomorrow, for me it’s like it’s the last of my life. So for this World Cup that’s coming up, I think about it like it’s the last for me because I don’t know how tomorrow will be and what can happen. “

He adds: “People were saying that I wanted to stop playing football and that I was going to quit the national team. People have understood something completely different. In the meantime, and on his momentum from his 70th goal – in 115 caps – in Brazil’s last match against Uruguay (4-1), Neymar naturally thinks of Pelé’s record with 77 goals. “I don’t think I can express how I would feel if I reached this goal,” he says. This is something that I see as a clear goal. But I am far from thinking that I am better than Pelé or comparing myself to him. I have the opportunity to surpass his goalscoring record yes, but my respect for him is greater and I’m sure when I score that 77th goal I will honor him. “


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