“I think this pandemic did not happen by chance, nor by a pangolin”

His word is rare and free. Brigitte Bardot, confined to her home, has not changed her daily life. She has not left La Madrague for years, her legendary house in Saint-Tropez. Relentlessly (Sunday included), the icon of French cinema works for the protection of animals. She does not mince her words revolting against the greed and ignorance of a large part of humanity.

Do you think the pandemic could come from the pangolin bought on the market stalls in Wuhan? That this is a virus that has escaped from the P4 laboratory of the Wuhan Institute of Virology, or that there is another origin?

I think this pandemic did not happen by chance, nor by a pangolin (poor little animal still a victim!), Perhaps as a result of poorly supervised manipulations in a lab, where so many abominable experiments are happening, but this virus arrived in time before the planet exploded, ravaged by an uncontrolled and uncontrollable human demography. The human being having for predator only itself, it multiplies to infinity without any control of births, it invades, destroys, ravages, infiltrates in predominance on all that prevents it from multiplying. Jean-Claude Hermans’ book “Five Billion Excess Men” explains in detail the atrocious wounds that all these beings inflict on the devastated planet.

Are there too many people, too many animals on the planet?

There are too many humans for sure. There are not enough animal species which unfortunately disappear daily. The balance is upset.

This pandemic behind us, will men be less superficial, more united with the fate of other human beings, of animals? Or nothing will change?

I have a real contempt for a large part of this dehumanized humanity which carries within it in its genes of origin all the cruelty, the barbarism that is currently emerging, despite what “civilization” has tried to force. Nothing will change, the greed will be stronger, greed, stupidity and ignorance will drive the world mad.

Does the Brigitte Bardot Foundation have new priorities since the first confinement?

My foundation continues to save all animal species endangered by confinement. We are currently responsible for the lives of nearly

7,000 animals of all species. It is a priesthood which demands extraordinary courage from my teams.

You advocate closing pet stores in favor of adoption. At the moment, can we adopt cats and dogs in your shelters?

Pet stores are a shameful business; the poor animals which come from the countries of the East or from the Amazonian or Indian forests do not adapt to the cages and the prison treatments that they are subjected to for money! They are dying by the thousands. It’s scandalous. By telephone appointment, it is possible to adopt our dogs and cats, but we are extremely rigorous in terms of follow-up.

You met Emmanuel Macron in July 2018, at his request. Without a response from him, you wrote to him several times, “yelled at him”. Where are you with the President?

Don’t waste my time with Macron. It protects hunters, grants them advantages that the European Union condemns.

What are the five urgent measures for the animal cause that you would like to see adopted in France so that our country is no longer among the bad pupils of Europe?

For 47 years I have been asking that the halal and Kosher ritual slaughter sacrifices no longer benefit from an exemption allowing this extremely painful slow death which only invades slaughterhouses while French and European laws REQUIRE that animals be STUNNED before the knife. It is scandalous that Muslims impose their traditions on a country like France which has all the modern means so that death is no longer a torture, a torture.

For 47 years I have also called for the abolition of the hippophagus in France. Let us finally stop eating the horse, this animal which, like the dog, is so close to man, helped men survive until the arrival of the engine.

For 47 years I have been asking for the end of concentration camps, the atrocious living conditions of pigs stuck in restraining bars where they can not even turn, hens caged by dozens in spaces of 30 by 20 cm that lay in an electric gutter, which never see the light of day, but which endure day and night the artificial light which allows them to lay and respond until exhaustion, it is then the slaughterhouse.

For 47 years I have been calling for the definitive end of the breeding of fur animals – minks, foxes, rabbits – which endure hell, caged in inhuman, atrocious conditions.

For 47 years I have also called for the cessation of geese and ducks destined for foie gras, this torture that they are subjected to.


They are 141 parliamentarians to support a law establishing a referendum for animals. Nearly a million citizens also support this referendum project, including celebrities (Juliette Binoche, Lambert Wilson, Pascal Obispo…) and media bosses (Xavier Niel, Marc Simoncini, Jacques-Antoine Granjon). The count is not reached since at least 185 parliamentarians and 4.7 million people are required. Does this sound playable to you?

We lack the authority of a President who is aware of all unnecessary suffering, a President who puts a definitive end to all atrocities that animals suffer. It’s not difficult, but you have to have the heart and the desire to set a good example in the world.

Apart from the Animalist Party, which political parties, political figures, artists or journalists do you think best defend the animal cause in France?

There is a large public revolted by all these abominations allowed by the government. It is through the people that we will be able to change things.

How do you organize your days? What’s your typical day like now?

I work for my Foundation every day even on Sundays like today. This is the only thing that allows me to survive.

You seem quite lonely in your house in La Madrague in Saint-Tropez.

I run away from human beings, I like to work alone surrounded by my animals in a true and wild nature.

A very active NGO in France and in 70 countries

Created in 1986 by Brigitte Bardot, and recognized as a public utility in 1992, the Brigitte Bardot Foundation (FBB) now employs 130 employees distributed between its headquarters and its three shelters located in Montpon (Eure), Bazoches (Yvelines) and La Mare Auzou (Normandy).

The FBB is a ONG whose mission is protection of domestic and wild animals in France and internationally. The Dalaï Lama is an honorary member. It provides significant assistance to shelters, leads actions to rescue mistreated animals, sterilization campaigns for stray animals, lobbying operations, legal battles against mistreatment …

The resources of the Foundation amount to 21,6 millions € in 2018 including € 16.7 million in bequests and € 2.2 million in donations. 83% of resources are attributed to thedirect help to animals, 5% for operating costs and 12% for fundraising costs.

The Foundation welcomes 3,000 animals in its shelters, 4 000 are placed in 116 pensions or host families. It pays aid to individuals in difficulty (1,300 dogs and cats) and to 224 associations for veterinary and food care. The FBB benefits from an active network of 75,000 donors and 600 delegates and investigators across France. 91% of the association’s resources are used in France and 9% abroad in 70 countries.

The FBB supports the referendum for animals. www.referendumpourlesanimaux.fr. Any citizen can already sign in favor of the referendum on the site.

Brigitte Bardot Foundation 28, rue Vineuse 75116 Paris Tel. : 01 45 05 14 60

www.fondationbrigittebardot.fr fbb@fondationbrigittebardot.fr

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