“I took it out of my chest after 36 years”… Wrinkled, sticky, ruptured implants

picture explanation[사진 출처 = 틱톡 캡처]

A video of breast implants posted on TikTok by an American plastic surgeon is attracting attention.

According to the Daily Mail and other foreign media on the 2nd, Nicole Castellize, a plastic surgeon in Oklahoma, USA, unveiled a breast implant that was exposed from a patient’s body for the first time in 36 years on her TikTok in April.

In the video, the implant loses elasticity and is wrinkled with altered color. When I turned it over by hand, the sticky silicone that came out from inside was stuck to the floor.

Castellise explained that the implant belongs to a 65-year-old woman who underwent breast augmentation surgery in 1985.

He continued, “The woman visited the doctor in the 1990s, but was diagnosed that it was okay to keep the implants in.” He added, “At the request of patients, more and more patients are coming out who want to remove the breast implants.”

He added, “The implant should not be maintained for more than 10 years. Because the ruptured implant may not be detected, MRI is recommended for those who have been holding the implant for a long time.”

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