I want to buy a house, where do I start?

If you want to buy an apartment or a house and it is the first time you do it, you may be a little lost. In the end, making the decision to carry out this type of operation is not easy and it is even something that you may only do once in your life.

If this is your case, from Tecnocasa, experts in home buying and selling with more than 25 years of experience, offer you help to solve all your doubts in this regard. The first step in looking for a new home is clearly identifying what your needs are. Do you live alone or with your family? Do you need to live in the center or is it better for you to live in the suburbs? By answering these types of questions, you will be able to determine the exact and essential characteristics that the property you are looking for should have.

Thus, looking for a house knowing what you want to buy and what characteristics the home must meet will allow you to find the right real estate solution in the shortest possible time. In this way, you will save efforts and costs.

From the group, pose ten questions that people in this situation should ask themselves before starting the search.

  1. How much cash do I have to buy a house?
  2. Is it enough with the money I have in cash or should I resort to a mortgage loan? And, if I have to ask for a mortgage, how much of my rent can I use to pay it?
  3. Where do I look for a house? In what neighborhood? in what zone?
  4. Do I want to buy an apartment or do I prefer to buy an independent house?
  5. Is it important that the house is close to my place of work or do I prefer to live in the center of the city?
  6. What essential characteristics should the home I am looking for have?
  7. What are the needs of my family regarding our future home?
  8. Do I prefer a small but new or renovated home or a large house to reform?
  9. 9Is it essential for me to have parking?
  10. What requirements do I ask of the house that I am going to buy?

If you know the answers before starting your search for a new home, You will save yourself visiting homes that do not meet your requirements or that are out of your budget.

Once all the previous questions have been answered and having a first idea of ​​what you are looking for, This is when the information gathering process really begins.

Why trust a real estate professional?

When you intend to buy a home and in order to avoid unpleasant surprises, you have to do a series of preliminary checks. These must be carried out directly by you or, failing that, the real estate agency, if you want to acquire your home through it.

In the latter case, you can benefit from the experience and technical competence of an agent who knows the real estate market and works on it daily, thus reducing the chances of error. The agent is used to the real estate vocabulary, the steps to follow and he knows perfectly the homes for sale in his area, with which he can advise you precisely.

Also, and very importantly, you know the correct market price, so that the properties you offer will have a real value in accordance with the current real estate market. Yes now, once all these aspects have been taken into account, enter tecnocasa.es and start looking for what will be your new home.

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