“I want to see a Girona with its own identity”

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“There may be changes, but what we can’t do is change everything in two days. We will look for things that give us immediacy, because it is impossible for footballers to assimilate according to what in such a short time. We hope to play the right key and that the dressing room feels identified with us “, confessed Francisco Rodríguez, in his presentation as the new coach of Girona after the dismissal of Pep Lluís Martí. The Andalusian is the fourth coach of a chaotic course in which the white-and-reds hope not to have said, yet, the last word. “There are only two weeks left to finish the League, and we will play six games. We can’t forget that we are in the play-off zone and we have a great dressing room. I will try to get the most out of all the footballers, who are fantastic. From there, we will implement our philosophy. We know we won’t have all the time we want, but we will take advantage of the work that has been done so far. We are capable, and I am convinced, that we will be able to do it ”. The premiere will be tomorrow against Zaragoza, the second ranked, in Montilivi (7.30 pm, #Vamos); in which Jozabed will no longer be there, his transfer broken, but Àlex Granell, who if he participates will become the footballer in the history of the club with the most matches in the LFP.

The mood of the Girona footballers, right now, is not the best. Neither the dynamics, with a single win in the last seven games. “They are guilty of what happened and they are a little disappointed. We arrive clean, we want to contribute things and I’m starting to see the squad with my eyes wide open “, said Francisco, who does not hide that the club’s only goal is to return to Primera. “We have time to do it directly, but we have to be realistic. We have to win games, starting with Zaragoza. But we have to go game by game, with the same enthusiasm every day. And to prove, above all to show that we want to rise. We have to be sure that we can also win ”. Francisco has signed until 2021, regardless of getting the promotion this season. For his ambition will not be. “It simply came to our notice then. I want to see a team with its own identity. The profile of the players we have is the right one, now we need to be braver and be respected “, he said.

What has led Girona to the irregular situation it is experiencing? “Mistakes have been made in areas that are paid dearly in Segona. I have seen that the attitude is to be wanted, but we have been too penalized by the little they have generated for us “, replied Francisco, who called for unity, reminding us that” everyone will feel responsible by the end “. “The goal is beautiful and we will fight to achieve it. We will all work for the benefit of the group and I do not feel any kind of pressure, what I want is to enjoy my work ”. The new coach of Montilivi was an old wish of Quique Cárcel. Especially in the summer, when it was the priority over Juan Carlos Unzué. Francisco, however, who had just been relegated to Second with Huesca, rejected the proposal. “I didn’t feel strong about taking on a new project. I like to analyze things and I thought it wasn’t the time. I was worn out, I didn’t look ready to be excited. Now I do have this enthusiasm and it’s up to me to respond “, he acknowledged, adding that he has rejected proposals for this final stretch of other clubs in the category.

Quique Cárcel avoids judgments

Visibly affected, Quique Cárcel, who wanted to have a few words for Pep Lluís Martí – “he gave up but football did not give him the opportunity to finish” – hopes that the relief on the bench will wake up a dormant squad . “We all live from the results, but the sensations mark me more. In Malaga I felt that the air was not in our favor, and we carried the whole league like that. We compete in a bipolar way: everyone talks about a great squad but we have never finished taking a step forward. I don’t know what has happened in this last year and three months, but it seems like everything is going against us. It was time to change the helm, because the dressing room on Sunday was sad and with little mental strength “, he stated, avoiding answering if one of the problems is the planning done in the summer. “It’s not time to talk about management, we’ll know in a month. Right now I just want to tackle what’s left and I want to think we’ll get it. We will already have time to put notes. If it will be a failure not to make the playoffs? I repeat, we’ll talk about it. But I don’t think this will happen. “

Cárcel clings to optimism to move forward. “What we think is low performance today, maybe ends up giving us the promotion. It’s about believing, thinking about positive things, and embracing hope. The year is very hard, because we come from a decline and we accumulate a lot of things. In a month we will have to make decisions, but now is not the time for assessments. When all this is over, I will say what I feel. Not before “, he concluded.



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