I want to talk about baseball records: Number Web introduces Professor Emeritus Masaru Ikei’s “Baseball 150 Years Lecture”

Recently, I have received various stories from the media on my blog. Inadvertently, I could hardly respond. Please contact us at the address below.

My name is Akira Hiroo.

It’s been 35 years since I started working as a writer.

In January 2009, he opened a blog titled “I love MLB” on SportsNavi, and in December he opened a blog titled “I want to talk about baseball records”. It was read by many people. Moved to livedoor in November 2011. The basic concept remains the same. I would like to think about the baseball world, focusing on MLB and NPB records. I would like many people to read it, but I would like to make it a site for those who have an interest in and respect for records and baseball history. Fans of specific teams are also very welcome, but I do not agree with the tone of “pulling down the favorite”.

Akira Hiroo is a pen name. His real name is Tezuka Taku. His pseudonym has been in use since he was in elementary school. He has a colleague named Jin Tezuka, so it’s confusing, so I go by this name. By the way, Jin Tezuka is my cousin. His face is also very similar.
There are criminals who misunderstand that I am hiding my real name and send me comments like blackmail, so I will dare to disclose it.

In November 2012, “Classic STATS Appreciation” was made an independent site.

This is my brother’s blog, written outside of baseball. Please take a look at this too. ↓


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I want to talk about baseball records (old site is here)

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