I was dying without realizing it: Platanito recounts the consequences that the coronavirus left him

Sergio Greenish, comedian better known as Platanito assured that she had no major medical complications during her coronavirus, so it was enough that was isolated for 15 days and rested indoors to control the disease.

Despite this, the artist commented in an interview with Adela Micha, the Covid-19 the lunch aftermath that presented through myocarditis that caused an inflammation that ended with the need for him to be subjected to care MDIC in emergencies.

I had the virus and after a month I started last week, on Sunday, I took the test and it came out that I had pneumonia.

They confused their illness with gastritis

He said that the evil that I suffered is usually confused with the gastritis and that the tests after coronavirus that has been applied have come out negative, with which a reliable diagnosis of what was happening could be obtained.

Mention that you have already been discharged from hospital, but reported that he was asked to rest for 45 days within which he will not be able to leave his home.

He stressed that during the first days after beating the coronavirus I decided celebrateBut avoiding taking the necessary sanitary measures was counterproductive for him.

It is not the fault of the doctors, this is totally new to them too.

I recommend to people who have gone through this disease to be analyzed again in a hospital to determine if your lungsas as su organism, are virus-free and continue to take mitigation measures against the disease into account.

Do not trust each other, if Covid has already given you, keep covered.


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