“I was in the euphoria of the match” – Release

The supporter, a 32-year-old delivery man who threw a projectile at Marseille player Dimitri Payet on Sunday evening, was sentenced on Tuesday.

The hearing will have lasted nearly 2 hours 30. Wilfried S. nascent beard, short brown hair, stands behind the glass, wears a black hooded jacket, a white t-shirt, and his shoulders lowered. He “Regret” his gesture is not “Not proud”, said not to have “Nothing against Payet” and “Respect the two clubs”, responds laconically, will apologize to the civil parties. Supporter of OL for twenty years, this 32-year-old deliveryman, who attends about fifteen matches a year, was arrested Sunday evening and then immediately taken into custody after throwing a bottle of water in the direction of Dimitri Payet, during the Lyon-Marseille match (league 1), which immediately collapsed on the pitch. He was prosecuted for “violence with weapon by destination in a sports enclosure” and judged in immediate appearance this Tuesday, in Lyon.

He explains that he wanted “Aim around” most “Not touch it”. “I don’t know what happened, I was in the euphoria of the match. […] that did not make me happy. […] I am not anti-Marseilles ”, defends the villeurbannais. Her hands are clasped behind her back. He glances around the room, seems attentive to the words of the President of the tribunal, the Prosecutor, the lawyers for the civil parties (Dimitri Payet, OM, OL, UNFP, LFP and three football fans).

“This is not the trial of supporterism, football or stadium security. This is a criminal trial against an individual whose charges are legally qualified. Dimitri Payet was very shocked, he suffered a psychological trauma. This violence must be judged ”, pleads Maître Daurat, lawyer for the Ligue 1 player and OM, who asks for 1 symbolic euro for non-pecuniary damage. Wilfried S. looks down. The other civil parties and the Prosecutor Béatrice Moure increase. “We do not want to make an example of this case. […] It is the trial of an act of violence. I have the impression that there is a feeling of impunity ”, adds Maître Peyrelevare, the lawyer for the Professional Football League. “There is no such thing as zero risk, but zero tolerance does exist, and it will be imposed on justice and an exemplary sentence” pinches the Procureure de la République Béatrice Moure, after quoting Pierre de Coubertin and before adding “Euphoria is not violence” and to qualify this act of violence “Intentional”. It requires a heavy sentence: six months in prison, 5 years of stadium ban and an obligation to clock in at sporting events.

“Violence is an integral part of this sport. It is the management of this crisis that provoked the media coverage of the case, and it is the media coverage of the case that provokes the prosecutor’s requisitions, ”argues Wilfried S.’s lawyer, Maître Metaxas, specifying that his client’s action was certainly “voluntary”, but “unintentional”. Wilfried S. was sentenced to a 6-month suspended prison sentence (two years’ probation), and a ban from attending Groupama Stadium for 5 years. When the decision is rendered, he nods, shoulders still lowered, hands clasped behind his back.


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