“I was wrong with the replacements. It’s good that the referee blew the final whistle – we risked losing, ”Allegri reports about the game against Milan – Football

Main coach Juventus Massimiliano Allegri shared his thoughts after the match with Milan (1: 1) in the Italian championship.

“Despite a good first half in which we created chances and allowed the opponents only one attacking opportunity, we risked losing at the end of the match, which was under complete control.

Unfortunately, we have lost concentration, determination and focus. Look at the corner we missed out on. You cannot give up a match that you control. We need to move on

I confess that I was wrong with the replacements. I was wrong. I had to use more defenders and keep our lead, so I take responsibility for that.

There were some positive moments – this is the first half. But the last 15 minutes make me very angry. We had to endure, we had to fight with all our might. At such moments, you do not need to look aesthetically pleasing. You just need to achieve a result.

Fortunately, the referee blew the final whistle, because we openly risked losing.

If you do not understand that you need to put aside all personal problems, to work as a defender, even if you are a striker, then there will be no results, ”said Allegri.

Juventus have never won in 4 rounds of Serie A and are 18th with 2 points

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