“I wish I had another chance, sometimes I start to think how I was not in River as full as I am today,” said Marcelo Larrondo

Marcelo larrondo He has a good present in Chilean football wearing the O’Higgins shirt. However, he regretted his passage through River, which was marked by continuous injuries. In the “Millionaire” he was between 2016 and 2018, he played 14 games and scored two goals.

“Sometimes I wonder how I was not in River as I am today, so full. I’ve been playing every game without any pressure. The psychological influences a lot. I wish I had another chance at River. We know how it is, you have to perform and respond, with a lot of responsibility and a very high level of competence “, he stated.

In this sense, in dialogue with radio Colonia, he pointed out: “Being in a big team like River or Boca has a 100% requirement. I think anxiety played against me at that time and obviously it served me as experience.”

In this sense, Larrondo he recalled an anecdote with Marcelo Gallardo. “One time Marcelo He approached me in a game and said: ‘How much would you give to be there on the field, right?’ He always supported me with his coaching staff and took into account the desire I had to recover from my injuries, “he said.

“He is demanding even with himself. I came to the club at 7 in the morning and he was there from 5. He was always looking for the best of one, he preferred that if you weren’t 100 to train, don’t train,” he said Larrondo about Gallardo. Since his arrival at O’Higgins, he has scored five goals in 16 games.

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