I wish I killed you with my hands.. the father of the pyramid girl replied the moment she discovered her death during an affair in an Uber car

An informed source revealed the details of summoning the father and mother of the Al-Haram girl, who was killed next to an Uber driver inside his car in a garage in the area pyramidAnd it turned out that they died as a result of suffocation during an illegal relationship in the back seat of the car as a result of closing the car windows and lack of oxygen.

The girl’s parents broke down in tears, and her father entered into a fit of hysterical screaming inside the Haram police station, saying: “I bled you and washed your shame. I honor you.. God suffices me, and yes, the agent. What do I say to people? .. Where was my daughter? And with whom? Why, Lord, for that.”

The security services of the Giza Security Directorate revealed the details of finding the body of an Uber driver and a girl in a car in a garage in the Haram area, and it was found that they died as a result of suffocation during an illegal relationship in the back sofa of the car as a result of lack of oxygen.

Investigations added that the deceased held a party inside a car to eat narcotics in a garage and closed all the car ports to engage in an illegal relationship with the back sofa, so they died as a result of suffocation.

Investigations indicated that the driver had a romantic relationship with the girl and proposed to her family, but her family refused the engagement. The girl left her family’s house and ran away with the driver. The family searched for her in all the places she hesitated, but all her attempts were unsuccessful, and her family issued a report of her absence in the police station.

Investigations indicated that the driver took his girlfriend inside the car and went to a garage in a property under construction, taking advantage of the absence of anyone in it and closing all the car ports, and together they had a party and an illegal relationship in the back sofa, and they died as a result of suffocation.

The body of an Uber driver and a girl found in the pyramid
Brigadier General Muhammad Nabil, the sheriff of the Haram Department, had received a report from the people stating that an unpleasant odor emanated from a car left in a garage, and the detectives moved to the scene of the incident.

On examination, it was found that the body of “Ahmed A.” was found. A driver in an Uber delivery company, and next to him was a girl who was about to rot in the heat of the weather, and the two bodies were taken to the morgue at the disposal of the Public Prosecution Office.

A team of detectives listened to eyewitnesses’ statements to find out the circumstances of the incident.

And edited a record of the incident and took over the Public Prosecution investigation.

The role of forensic medicine
Forensic medicine is the link between medicine and law, in order to achieve justice by revealing facts accompanied by forensic evidence.

In the eyes of the judiciary, the forensic doctor is an expert charged with expressing his opinion on the case in which there is a victim, whether alive or dead.

Most of the results drawn by the forensic doctor are based on the principle of examination and examination, such as examining the victims of deliberate beatings, victims of wrongful wounds, examining acts of violence from wounds or the presence of sharp instruments at the location of the body, and removing the body and dissecting it by order of the Public Prosecution.

Also, the forensic doctor does not work separately, but rather works in a group that includes a team whose task is to examine the crime scene, another team to examine fingerprints, detective officers and others. The key to the crime may relate to a fingernail scratch that the forensic doctor notices, or a cigarette butt that he picks up and solves the mystery of the crime through DNA analysis or blood spot

There are many cases and facts in which the forensic medicine stands confused, because there are cases in which the forensic medicine has to know how to die, not its nature or not.

The role of forensic medicine is not limited to the autopsy of corpses or permanent handling of crimes, but they examine the injured in various accidents to indicate the extent of their recovery from injuries, and whether the injury will cause permanent disability, with an estimate of the percentage of disability or disability resulting from it.

In ethical cases, the forensic physician performs the apparent and legislative examination of corpses in cases of criminal deaths, in addition to estimating ages, as well as expressing an opinion in cases of death resulting from medical errors.

In the event of errors in the forensic report and its inconsistency with the facts and evidence of the incident, “such as the statements of the prosecution witnesses and the confessions of the accused,” the judge shall dismiss the report or delegate a committee consisting of a number of forensic doctors to discuss the medical report of the victims.


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