“I would have liked prison for your client”: tense exchange on the TPMP set after the case of the water bottle thrown at Payet

The lawyer and Eric Naulleau, columnist present on the set had a tense exchange to say the least.

It is especially the chronicler who wanted to carve the portrait of the lawyer and his client. “You say: ‘He didn’t want to touch Payet’. The best way not to touch Payet is not to throw the bottle. One day a man came, Robin Leproux, he said: ‘ There are two categories: supporters and delinquents. Your client is a delinquent. For me, he has no place in a stadium for life. Five years is not enough! “, launches Eric Naulleau.

Before continuing: “Cyril says you’re a good lawyer, I’d rather say you’re a good scammer. You send the message pertaining to a sport that is watched a lot by young people, you play down the act by saying ‘Basically this isn’t ‘It’s okay, he didn’t want to touch it, there was no net.’ So it’s everyone’s fault and not your client. What you do in front of sporty youth, who play football every Sunday and who goes to see matches, it’s scandalous. The message you send is catastrophic “.

“Eric Naulleau, you are in the permanent caricature. At what point did I say that what he had done was not an offense? It is an offense of aggravated violence. The whole nuance is whether this man has his place in detention or not “, replied lawyer David Metaxas.

“I would have liked a lifetime exclusion from all stadiums. This man has nothing to do in a stadium. What goes in his head when he thinks to himself that he is going to throw a bottle at the player? Opponent? Do you call that a supporter? I call that a delinquent, a thug. Incidents are on the increase lately. There was a message to get across. concluded Eric Naulleau.

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