“I would like to avoid a third confinement,” says Bruno Le Maire, visiting Toulouse

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Bruno Le Maire, the Minister of the Economy, was visiting Toulouse this Friday. He answered readers’ questions and tackled several topical issues: the possible reconfinement, the level of debt, unemployment insurance reform and pensions.

The Minister of Economy, Finance and Recovery was in Toulouse this Friday. On this occasion, Bruno Le Maire answered questions from readers of La Dépêche du Midi. The minister spoke of the economic and health situation in France. Bruno Le Maire gave his position on a possible third confinement: “I would like to avoid it. It weighs terribly on the morale of the people. We are all exhausted by this virus and this crisis. It is very difficult humanly to live for the The third confinement can only be the very last option. The other reason is that the impact is very heavy for the French economy. There is an impact on activity and public finances. ‘hui, the solidarity fund is 4 billion euros per month. If there were confinement, we would increase to 6 billion. “

“No tax increase”

Another theme raised is the cost of measures to support the economy. “Did we make the right strategic choice by supporting the economy? Yes we made the only responsible choice in economic matters. The only one. I am happy to see that it has just been welcomed by the OECD , by the IMF which says that France has managed the economic crisis very well. ” The minister also spoke on the debt: “We will repay it. How? By having growth. By reducing public spending, when the time comes. And with structural transformations: the reform of unemployment insurance and the pension reform, for example. Now is not the time to implement it, but there are stubborn realities: we are the country that works the least overall, over a lifetime. ” Finally, on a possible tax increase, the minister is categorical: “One thing is certain: my mandate as Minister of Finance is to ensure that there is no increase in tax. ‘taxes. ”

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