Ibagué could suffer from a shortage of medicine to treat patients with coronavirus

Juan Pablo Escobar, a former advisor to the Ibagué Health Secretariat, acknowledged that the scenario continues to be critical in relation to the pandemic, adding that the high flow of confirmed cases has been generating a changing dynamic in the occupation of intensive care units.

Similarly, it generated a voice of alert in the wake of the phasing out of health professionals that, in the exercise of their functions, they have been infected and therefore remain currently isolated facing the corresponding recovery processes.

Regarding the medicine to treat patients with COVID-19, Escobar stated that at the end of 2020 there was a shortage period directly related to suppliers. However, although there has been an increase in demand close to 500%, today healthcare centers do not report absolute shortages.

Now, the doctor is clear in stating that the high occupancy of ICU and the significant report of infections in this capital generate an uncertain panorama that does not guarantee the supply of medicines in the long term and on the contrary it warns about a possible deficit.

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