Ibanez reframes Penaud after his inappropriate exchanges with a reality TV candidate

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Last week, a former participant in Les Princes de l’Amour revealed the insulting and threatening messages he has received for more than a year from the Clermont winger and the XV of France. Escapes that are not at all the taste of the manager of the Blues.

Raphaël Ibanez does not procrastinate. “Damian Penaud had better focus on rugby”, pings the manager of the XV of France, questioned by Olympic Midi. And to warn the winger of the Blues (23, 17 selections, 6 tries) and Clermont: “we’ll have time to see each other, trust me …” The former hooker is not happy, but not happy at all, after the shocking revelations made by an obscure reality TV candidate, nicknamed SebyDaddy.

The latter is known for his character, willingly arrogant and boastful, in the show The Princes and Princesses of Love. Enough that not all viewers will find it pleasant. But from there to attack him as Damian Penaud has done regularly for … more than a year, there is obviously a limit not to be crossed.

Verbal abuse and threats since January 4, 2019

It was the complainant himself, whose real name was Sébastien Dubois, who revealed the matter about ten days ago. Claiming to be “harassed”, fearing for his safety after the threats from the Clermont player against him, he revealed on social networks the private exchanges he has had with the wing of the XV of France since January 4, 2019. Stormy written and audio messages that don’t fly high. But where insults and threats are legion. The reality TV candidate has also decided to publish all of these private discussions on the pretext of asking his subscribers whether or not to file a complaint for moral harassment.

Obviously, this is a task for a player who wears the jersey of the French team. Upon taking office, manager Raphaël Ibanez and coach Fabien Galthié had made player behavior an essential point of the pact with them. What Ibanez, who has already met Clermont manager, Franck Azéma, to discuss these escapades, did not fail to recall.

This notion of respect is fundamental for applying for the France team. I intend to make it respected

Raphaël Ibanez

“We all know that social networks are not known for the content of very subtle exchanges. This has been verified again and Damian should know it. It’s better to focus on rugby, Ibanez said. Midol. This is a subject that we raised during our workshops with the players, in small groups. It’s part of the practice communication, and that’s why Damian should know about it. (…) We talk about this issue of using phones and I find that the players have managed to self-regulate. Afterwards, we cannot ask them to live against their time. But, for me, this question is not anecdotal because it is part of a general attitude and a code of conduct which I intend to uphold. This notion of respect is fundamental for applying for the France team. ”

Should we read a threat to the rest of Damian Penaud’s international career? We can translate it as well. By taking on the role of hasten, the Clermontois gave a bad image of himself, but also of his sport. It is a safe bet that Franck Azéma did not appreciate, either, the outputs of his player denounced by SebyDaddy. Who obviously took advantage of the windfall to be talked about. “I love the French rugby team, the XV de France (…) but I was shocked because one of my biggest haters comes from the French rugby team. He harasses me every day, he threatens me and I will show you the messages, it’s shocking, “said the man who now lives in Dubai with an old conquest found in The Princes of Love 7.” One day, he will catch me and smash me! I’m a little scared … I don’t know what to do, but it’s going too far … “



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