Iberdrola calls for stable legislation so as not to compromise future investment in clean and renewable energy

The president of Iberdrola Spain, Armando Martínez.

© Iberdrola
The president of Iberdrola Spain, Armando Martínez.

the president of Iberdrola Spain, Armando Martínez, who participated this Monday in the forum organized by the Europa Press agency and McKinsey & Company, has defended a stable legislation that does not compromise the strong investments planned in clean and renewable energies: “These are investments with returns over 15 or 20 years, which require stable regulatory frameworks.” Although there are specific situations, such as the war in Ukraine, that “can slow down investment capacity.”

The two most important issues for Martínez are: regulatory stability and acceleration in the approval of permits to build renewable plants. “Many companies make growth plans for development for renewables, but there is a problem with the permits. For installations that take eight months to build, the permits are delayed two or three years,” he specified.

The president of Iberdrola Spain, who has participated in the ‘Generation of Opportunities’ forum, has a very clear solution regarding how to speed up the planet’s decarbonisation process and energy self-sufficiency: we must bet on renewable energies.

“Every time it is clearer, we have to see how we take the acceleration self-sufficiency”has indicated in relation to the war in Ukraine and the need for Europe to stop depending on Russian gas.

For the Chairman of Iberdrola Spain the problem of the price of energy “is the high prices of gas”. “The ‘toolbox’ of the European Union has to be maintained. Investment in renewables is the solution to the problem.”

Iberdrola has invested 150,000 million euros in renewable energies“which has allowed it to multiply its value by almost six in this period of time”.

In addition, the company has reduced its carbon footprint to almost half the industry average. They not only care about clean energy, but also help society: “For every permanent job that Iberdrola creates, ten indirect jobs are developed, thus amounting to 400,000 people who work around the company around the world.”

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