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Ibrahimovic confessed that a documentary about Maradona pushed him to make a decisive change in his career

Zlatan Ibrahimovic spoke about Diego Maradona (EFE / EPA / Christine Olsson)

Every time you speak Zlatan Ibrahimovic has something to say. In addition to being considered one of the great forwards of the last decades, the historic scorer for the Swedish national team always stood out for his ease of answering on any subject and more if they are related to his football career.

The Milan striker is still valid in his 40s. With five goals in 11 games for the Italian club, he is part of the reconstruction of the Milanese team, which today ranks second in Serie A behind Napoli, the leader. And if we talk about the Neapolitans, Zlatan told an unknown story of how his return to the Football after passing through MLS soccer in the United States.

When he saw a documentary about Maradona he had decided to go to Naples to win the Scudetto. I was tired of America, I even thought about leaving it, but Raiola told me: ‘you are crazy, you have to go back to Italy’. Everything was done with Naples, but then De Laurentiis fired Ancelotti and everything changed”, Said Ibrahimovic in an interview he gave to the newspaper Corriere della Sera.

“So I asked Mino (Raiola): ‘What is the worst team I can change?’ He replied: ‘yesterday Milan lost 5 to 0 in Bergamo’, and I told him: ‘decided, let’s go to Milan’ “, expanded the forward on how he ended up in the other team in the city of Milan after his failed desire to play in the team that Maradona made famous around the world due to the disappointment of the dismissal of the current Real Madrid coach.

Zlatan is one of the most important pieces of Milan (REUTERS / Daniele Mascolo)
Zlatan is one of the most important pieces of Milan (REUTERS / Daniele Mascolo)

“At first nobody ran in training, and I made them see that that’s where you have to kill yourself at work. If I run, my partner will run and kill himself for me. They all got it except one. At first Leao paid no attention to me … although it is true that now he has improved a lot ”, he added in relation to the clear improvement that the squad had.

Besides talking about Maradona and Napoli, Zlatan also confessed the advice he gave to Kylian Mbappé regarding his future at PSG and his desire to wear the Merengues jersey from next season.

“It is true that I advised him to leave the club. Mbappé needs a more structured environment, like that of Real Madrid. But then I told the president of PSG not to sell it ”, explained the Swede. It must be remembered that during the summer in Europe, both were several of the footballers invited to the Italian’s wedding Marco Verratti.

On the other hand, Ibrahimovic did not miss the opportunity to face Pep Guardiola, who directed him for his brief stint at Barcelona under Lionel Messi and other great figures.

Ibrahimovic with Messi during his time in Barcelona
Ibrahimovic with Messi during his time in Barcelona

“Guardiola never understood me. He wanted to program everything that I had to do. He wanted to make instinct plays, but then he thought about what he wanted and changed. In that way, I was thinking too much “the attacker claimed.

“Guardiola does not like players with character. I had become a problem and since he couldn’t solve it, I solved it by leaving, “he added about his time with the Blaugrana team during the 2009-2010 season in which he scored 21 goals in the 43 games he played with the Catalans. before moving to Italy to play for Milan for the first time.

Finally, Zlatan referred to the recent obtaining of Messi and his seventh Ballon d’Or. He said that the Argentine “Live for football” and that with the one who had a “professional relationship”But in relation to the last vote, he chose Bayern Munich forward Pocalo who finished second in the vote. “The Ballon d’Or this year was deserved by Robert Lewandowski”, he concluded.


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