Ibrahimovic prepares farewell: «Milan-Juve may have been one of my last games»

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Zlatan Ibrahimovic, afterwards his AC Milan’s 4-2 win against Juventus, with a smile launches clues to the future: «Rest? Let’s see, there is still a month to have fun. There are things going on here that we have no control over. I’m sorry for the fans, it could have been one of the last games where they saw me live. Why do I say this? Read between the lines».

In the post game Ibra did not hide the regret of having arrived only in January: «If I had been here from the first day we would have won the championship, that’s for sure. I’m old, it’s not a secret, but age is only a number. I am training well, I have a good balance. At 38 I don’t have the same body as before but I do what I can. With intelligence I get there, if I don’t make a difference I don’t like it, I’m not here because I’m a mascot », said the Swede, interviewed by Dazn. And to those who asked him if there could be in the future a coaching role, a joke in response: «I am president, coach and player, but they only pay me as a footballer, it is the only negative thing».

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