ICC prosecutor received funds from 14 countries to speed up investigations

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Photo: EFE

The prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (CPI), Karim Khan, announced on Monday that 14 countries have made financial contributions or expressed their desire to do so to address and accelerate ongoing investigations and trials, after launching the search for investigations into war crimes in Ukraine.

These contributions were made to what is known as the Trust Fund for Advanced Technology and Specialized Capacity, in response to a call by Khan on March 7 to provide “assistance” to his office in “addressing its urgent resource needs and enabling it to effectively address all situations currently under investigation or trial.

The countries that have responded to the call so far are Bulgaria, Canada, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, New Zealand, Poland, Sweden, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

“These States Parties have confirmed their provision of financial contributions, or their intention to do so, and/or expressed their desire to make seconded national experts available to my Office,” Khan said in a statement.

The funds received will be distributed according to need in all cases, not just the Ukraine war, which will include the use of new tools and advanced technological equipment in the collection, analysis and processing of evidence, according to the prosecutor.

Khan underlined the need to ensure that his office relies on “a leading technology architecture” to do its investigative work, as “international conflicts and crises now generate large-scale audio, visual and documentary records” and “the committing international crimes leaves a significant digital footprint.”

In addition, the funds will be used for other issues, such as providing increased psychosocial support to witnesses and survivors, or enhancing dedicated and specialized capacity with regard to investigations of crimes of sexual and gender-based violence and crimes against children. .

“We are at a critical moment for the cause of justice. Tragically, every day, every hour, we are reminded of the terrible personal impact that a conflict brings, as well as the imperative to ensure that those who commit crimes in this context are held accountable”, he warned.

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