Ice Cube criticized for collaborating with Trump

Ice Cube is criticized for his role as an adviser to Trump.

It’s never easy for a rapper to get involved in politics, especially since we always expect them to take very specific positions, generally more on the left. When they come out of where they are expected, critics quickly rain down. This was particularly the case for Kanye West, one of the only rappers to have publicly supported the ideas of Donald Trump, widely hated by the rap game. This time, it is Ice Cube who pays the price, for having collaborated with the current President of the United States.

The rapper is according to some fans guilty of having présenté son Contract With Black America (series of measures to fight racism in the USA) to the two dominant parties. Except that According to him, the Republicans were the most attentive, which resulted in the implementation of the Platinum Plan by the Trump administration in early October. With its measures, the Trump camp probably hopes to win a few black American votes (it had gathered only 8% of this electorate in 2016). Ice Cube is therefore accused of having served him on a set of political measures deemed opportunistic a few weeks before the elections.

Ice Cube responded via a series of Tweet, in which he explains that the Democrats wanted to look into it after the elections, while the Republicans wanted to speed up its implementation by changing their schedule, he therefore chose the camp that was going to put these policies in place the fastest. He also pointed out that anyway, for black Americans, both sides are equal, lie to them the same and that he could not refuse the luxury of acting alongside the people who are already in power. With his explanations, we can not give him totally wrong …


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