Ice hockey: Four out of four for Ajoie against HCC

Posted14 February 2021, 21:11

In the Swiss League, the Jurassians again beat the Neuchâtelois. They made the difference in the middle of the game after scoring many times in 68 seconds.

Tim Wolf and the Ajoulots won a sixth straight victory.


Four derbies against HC La Chaux-de-Fonds in 2020-2021, four victories: Sunday in the early evening, HC Ajoie extended his perfect series against his rival from the Mélèzes by winning 4-1 in his Raiffeisen Arena Sunday in the Swiss League championship.

Engaged in a frenzied race to go back in time and catch up with the duels postponed because of its two passages through the “quarantine” box, the team coached by Gary Sheehan does not seem to know the definition of the word “fatigue”. The HCA delivered its sixth game since February 4 and it lined up a sixth success to consolidate its first place in the standings if we take into account the average of units stored per outing (2.3 against 2.2 for Kloten, leader of the traditional tablet).

The station wagon in one minute

The Jurassians, however, had to wait until mid-match before being able to materialize their superiority on the scoreboard. While the score was blank, Jan Zwissler and Philip-Michaël Devos (in power play) twice defeated the vigilance of the Geneva goalkeeper of the Abeilles Stéphane Charlin in 68 seconds.

The HCC never recovered from this misfortune and Ajoie was able to manage this achievement without really putting himself in danger.

Thierry Paterlini’s squad, however, remains in the running for a direct ticket for the play-offs. AT six games at the end of the regular season (38 games, 54 points), she is 7th, and the first six will get their sesame.

Raiffeisen Arena, 0 spectators (in camera). Arbitrators: MM. Fausel, Ruprecht; Bachelut and Meusy.

Goals: 30th Zwissler (Pouilly, Macquat) 1-0, 31st Devos (Frossard, Pouilly / 5 c 4) 2-0, 46th Girls (Huber, Frei) 3-0, 55th Privet (Trettenes, Hasani) 3-1, 58th Rouiller (cage vide) 4-1.

Ajoie: Wolf; Hauert, Birbaum; Stemer, Casserini; Rouiller; Pouilly; Huber, Frossard, Joggi; Frei, Macquat, Mäder; Hazen, Devos, Dirt; Zwissler; Hofmann; Roberts; Schnegg. Trainer: Sheehan.

La Chaux-de-Fonds: Charlin; Stampfli, Jaquet; Kühni, Delémont; Ahlström, Zubler; Carbis, Coffman, Hasani; Privet, Trettenes, Kohler; Bouchareb, Augsburger, Dubois; Voirol, Achermann, Bogdanoff. Coach: Paterlini.

Penalties: 5 x 2 ‘against Ajoie, 5 x 2’ against La Chaux-de-Fonds.

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