Ice hockey – Released on the ice, the HC Ajoie only existed in the stands


HC Bienne corrected the neo-promoted Jura on Tuesday in Seeland (8-1). Completely overwhelmed, HC Ajoie sank despite the massive support of its supporters.

Ajoie’s defense and goalkeeper Tim Wolf suffered against Biel (here Fabio Hofer),

Estelle Vagne/freshfocus

The poster was eagerly awaited: the two former great rivals of the joint years in LNB met for the first time since 2008 in Seeland. HC Ajoie, narrowly beaten in the first leg in Porrentruy (1-3), would he be able to achieve a feat and play a trick in the «neighbor» biennois? The first goal of HC Bienne, signed Mike Künzle following a slalom in the Jura defense after only 75 seconds of play, provided the first elements of the answer. No.

Tuesday, the neo-promoted was simply not up to the task, even if he deluded for a few moments after the equalizer of Guillaume Asselin, a goal that fell out of nowhere on his first really dangerous attempt (12th, 1 -1).

Training canter

Robin Grossmann (13th, 2-1), Gaëtan Haas (15th, 3-1) and Michael Hügli (21st, 4-1) were responsible for closing the case quickly. The rest of the evening? A training gallop for the Biennois, a long crossing of the desert for the Jurassians. Without pushing too hard, Antti Törmänen’s players continued to stack goals steadily in a one-sided and unbalanced game.

Like the other exLausanne Robin Grossmann, Etienne Froidevaux also took the opportunity to score his first goal in the jersey of HC Bienne (34th, 5-1) before Fabio Hofer (43rd, 7-1) and Mike Künzle (44th, 8-1) make climb the score to 8-1 within 101 seconds at the start of the third period.

Completely overwhelmed on the ice, the HC Ajoie only existed in the stands. The Jura supporters had traveled in large numbers to Seeland and never gave up despite the poor performance of their team.

On Friday, the HC Bienne (4th) will receive Ambri and then travel to Geneva the next day. The Ajoulots (13th) will face «Rappi» (5th) twice: Friday in Porrentruy, Sunday in Rapperswil.

Tissot Arena. 6203 spectators. Referees. Stricker, Fluri, Progin and Gnemmi.

Goals: 2nd Künzle (Brunner) 1-0, 12th Asselin (Schmutz) 1-1, 13th Grossmann (Hofer) 2-1, 15th Haas (Hügli) 3-1, 21st Hügli (Yakovenko) 4-1, 34th Froidevaux ( Kohler) 5-1, 35th Cunti (Künzle) 6-1, 43rd Hofer (Rathgeb, Grossmann) 7-1, 44th Künzle (Cunti) 8-1.

Bienne: van Pottelberghe; Rathgeb, Grossmann; Yakovenko, Delémont; Schneeberger, Forster; Stampfli; Hügli, Haas, Rajala; Brunner, Cunti, Künzle; Kessler, Trettenes, Hofer; Kohler, Froidevaux, Schläpfer; Karaffa. Entraîneur: Törmanen.

Ajoie: Wolf (41st Aeberhard); Pouilly, Eigenmann; Rouiller, Hauert; Birbaum, Joggi; Helper; Asselin, Devos, Dirt; Rohrbach, Romanenghi, Huber; Fortier, Frossard, Schnegg; Frei, Ness, Macquat; Bogdanoff. Trainer: Sheehan.

Notes: Bienne without Fey, Hischier, Korpikoski, Lööv, Sallinen nor Tanner (injured). Ajoie without Hazen, Leduc or Wannström (injured). Time out requested by Ajoie (14’55).

Penalties: 0 x 2 ‘against Biel, 2 x 2’ against Ajoie.

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