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Ice hockey teams from various countries enter the national gymnasium to carry out adaptation training emergency “big white” people are ready to ensure the event

CCTV news: As one of the ice hockey venues of the Beijing Winter Olympics, the National Stadium will welcome the first game on February 3, the day before the opening ceremony. At present, ice hockey teams from various countries have also entered the stadium for adaptive training. What is the current situation in the stadium, and what are the unique highlights in the construction of the National Stadium?

CCTV reporter Huang Da: My current location is the ice hockey arena of the National Stadium. Since the 28th, it has been officially opened to the national ice hockey teams of various countries. Each ice hockey team can come here for an hour at a time according to the specified time. pre-competition adaptive training. In the future, here, too, will compete for the gold medal in the men’s ice hockey competition. At this moment, what everyone sees from the screen is the Czech men’s ice hockey team in training.

Ice hockey originated in Canada. In 1924 and 1998, men’s and women’s ice hockey were listed as the official events of the Winter Olympics. Its rules are similar to football. During the game, the athletes can move at a maximum speed of more than 100 km/h. At the same time, the men’s game is also allowed to include physical collisions other than elbows, tripping, hugging, hitting people with a club, etc. . So in the process, we see that athletes are fully armed, even to the teeth. Because the maximum speed of the rubber ice hockey can exceed 180 kilometers per hour, if the ice hockey hits the teeth, the impact on the teeth can be imagined.

Therefore, in ice hockey, in addition to the medical room for emergency treatment of physical injuries, there is often a dental emergency room. Now, the medical staff of the National Stadium, especially the dental medical staff, are also ready to provide timely treatment to injured athletes at any time.

In addition, the facilities of the ice hockey field in the National Stadium will be inspected by the national ice hockey teams in the period before the Winter Olympics. Since the start of construction in 2018, through the efforts of Chinese and foreign construction personnel, the National Gymnasium has been converted from a sports venue for the Summer Olympics to a venue for the Winter Olympics. Now we see advanced and energy-saving ice-making facilities under the ice surface. In addition, the locker room that athletes will go to after training can be disassembled at any time after the game. Through this unique design, green, frugal, The concept of sustainability is reflected in every detail of the construction of the National Stadium.

Here in the future, the Chinese men’s ice hockey team, which is on the stage of the Winter Olympics for the first time, will face the United States on February 10, Germany on February 12 and Canada on February 13. At that time, we will also Bringing you all the exciting news.

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