Ice speed Kim Min-seon, World Cup 500m gold medal in two consecutive events

Kim Min-seon, who is called the successor of Lee Sang-hwa, the ‘Empress of Ice’, won two consecutive gold medals in the 500m World Cup.

Kim Min-sun won the 2022-2023 International Skating Union (ISU) Speed ​​Skating World Cup 2nd Competition Women’s 500m in Heerenveen, Netherlands with a record of 37 seconds and 21 seconds.

Kim Min-sun, who won her first World Cup gold medal at the first tournament held in Norway last week, has won two gold medals in a row.

Kim Min-seon raced with Utah Leyredam of the Netherlands in the last group 10 in-course among 20 players.

Although I started a bit late, I passed the first 100m with an overall 2nd place record of 10.43, and I continued my speedy run with a sense of stability.

Kim Min-seon, who sprinted at the last minute vigorously without showing signs of exhaustion even after rounding the last corner, took first place with a record of 37 seconds and 21 seconds.

She easily overtook the runner-up Vanessa Herzog of Austria by 0.27 seconds.

The gap with Leirdam (37 seconds 51), who won the bronze medal, was 0.3 seconds.

Kim Min-seon came to the top again with a record that was more than 0.3 seconds faster than in the first competition, clearly proving that last week’s gold medal was not a coincidence.

Kim Min-seon, who was the first to win a silver medal in the 1,000-meter event beyond Lee Sang-hwa, is opening her own era by going beyond the ‘successor of Lee Sang-hwa’ by winning the 500-meter consecutive gold medal.

(Photo = Getty Image Korea)

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